Saint of the Day for March 12 2025

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Today is Sunday, May 5, 2024

This is the Saint of the Day list of Saints and Blesseds whose feast day is March 12 2025.

Saint Luigi Orione

Martyrs of Nicomedia

Blessed Giustina Bezzoli Francucci

Saint Joseph Zhang Dapeng

Blessed Angela Salawa

Blessed Rutilio Grande García

Saint Seraphina

Saint Paul Aurelian

Saint Mura McFeredach

Saint Theophanes the Chronographer

Saint Maximilian of Thebeste

Blessed Girolamo da Recanati

Blessed Manuel Solórzano

Saint Bernard of Carinola

Blessed Beatrix of Engelport

Blessed Nelson Rutilio Lemus Chávez

Saint Alphege the Bald

Saint Almut of Wetter

St. Almut of Wetter, also known as Almud of Wetter, was born into the German royal family in the 9th century.

Together with her sister, Digmund, she established the convent of Wetter in Oberlahngau, Germany, and was appointed as its first abbess. She lived into the 10th century before her death.

Saint Peter the Deacon

St. Peter the Deacon was a Benedictine monk who was born in the 6th century. He had a close relationship with Pope Saint Gregory the Great, serving as his friend, spiritual pupil, and secretary.

In fact, it was Peter who transcribed Gregory’s dictation of four books of the Dialogues. He died in early 605 AD and is now considered the patron saint of Salassola, Italy.

Saint Heiu of Hartlepool

St. Heiu of Hartlepool was a significant figure in early Christianity in Northumbria, which is now part of modern-day England.

She was the first nun to take vows in the region and was consecrated by St. Aiden of Lindisfarne. She founded a convent in Hartlepool, Northumbria and later another one in Healaugh, Northumbria.

She lived during the mid-7th century and was an important spiritual leader in the area before her death.

Saint Fechno

St. Fechno, also known as Fiachna, was born in Northern Ireland and became a spiritual student of St. Columbanus.

He accompanied Columbanus to Scotland to spread the Christian faith. Following a life of service and devotion, he died in 580 AD of natural causes.

Miracles were later reported at his tomb, reflecting his significant spiritual impact on those he touched.

Saint Corman of Iona

St. Corman, also known as Coman, was an Irish-born priest and monk who lived in the seventh century. He was a member of Iona Abbey and a missionary who travelled to Northumbria, located in northern England.

Corman is believed to have been the first priest to evangelize the area. His work was instrumental in bringing Christianity to the region and helping to establish the church in Northumbria.

Saint Egdunus

St. Egdunus was one of eight Christians who were martyred during the persecutions of Diocletian. In 303 AD, he was executed in Nicomedia, Asia Minor, by being hung upside down over a fire, causing him to die from smoke inhalation.

Egdunus and his fellow martyrs bravely gave their lives for their faith, becoming a testament to their unwavering dedication and devotion to Christianity.

Saint Indrecht of Iona

St. Indrecht of Iona was a respected monk and abbot of Iona Abbey. In 854 AD, he was travelling to Rome, Italy, when he and his companions were attacked and martyred by Saxons.

Indrecht courageously gave his life for his faith, becoming a testament to his unwavering dedication and devotion to Christianity.

Blessed Claudius the Minor

Blessed Claudius the Minor was also known as Claude. He was a Franciscan monk.

Saint Basilissa of Asia

St. Basilissa of Asia was married to a man named Felicius. She was martyred at an unknown date.

Other Saints of the Day for March 12 2025

  • Brian Bòruimhe
  • Symeon the New Theologian
List of Saints Whose Feast Day is March 12 - Catholic Saint of the Day
List of Saints Whose Feast Day is March 12 2025 – Catholic Saint of the Day

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