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Saint of the Day for March 15

This is the Saint of the Day list of Saints and Blesseds whose feast day falls on March 15 every year.

Saint Clement Mary Hofbauer

Blessed Jan Adalbert Balicki

Blessed Artemide Zatti

Saint Louise de Marillac

Blessed Anthony of Milan

Blessed Francis of Fermo

Blessed Monaldus of Ancona

Pope Saint Zachary

Blessed William Hart

Saint Aristobulus of Britannia

Blessed Pío Conde y Conde

Saint Menignus of Parium

Saint Leocritia of Cordoba

Blessed Walter of Quesnoy

Saint Nicander of Alexandria

St. Nicander of Alexandria was born in Egypt. He was a physician noted for his charity, for ministering to and treating people imprisoned for their faith, and giving Christian burial to martyrs who died in the persecutions of Diocletian. He was imprisoned, tortured and martyred for his faith and good works. In the 4th century, he was beheaded in Alexandria, Egypt.

Blessed Arnold of Siena

Blessed Arnold of Siena was also known as Arnaldo. He studied law in Toulouse, France. He was an Augustinian hermit, taking his vows on 11th July 1494 and was known for his strict observance of the Rule of his Order. On 20th May, 1507 he died of natural causes. He was never officially beatified but popular devotion began soon after his death.

Blessed Ludovico de la Pena

Blessed Ludovico de la Pena was a Mercedarian monk at the convent of Santa Eulalia in Seville, Spain. He was a miracle worker restoring sight to the blind, hearing to the deaf, and raising the dead to life. He died during a vision of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

Blessed Peter Pasquale

Blessed Peter Pasquale was a Mercedarian friar, receiving the habit from St. Peter Nolasco. He was the first Commander of the San Martino monastery in Perpignan, France and was a miracle worker.

Saint Mancius of Evora

St. Mancius of Evora was born in the 5th century in Rome, Italy. He was a Christian slave bought in Rome, Italy by Jewish traders and taken to Evora, Portugal where he was martyred by his new owners. He died in the 5th century at Evora, Portugal.

Saint Eusebio

St. Eusebio was also known as Eusebio II or Eusebius II of Vercelli. He was a bishop of Vercelli, Italy in 501. He died in 520AD.

Saint Speciosus

St. Speciosus was a wealthy land owner at Campania, Italy. He and his brother Gregory became monks, taking the cowl from St. Benedict at Monte Cassino. He was a monk at Terracina. In 555AD, he died at Capua, Italy due to natural causes.

Saint Bodian of Hanvec

St. Bodian of Hanvec was born in the 6th century in Wales. He was also known as Bodianus of Hanvec or Bozian of Hanvec. No other information about him is known.

Saint Sisebuto

St. Sisebuto was also known as Sisebut. He was a monk and an abbot of the Spanish monastery of Cardena. In 1086, he died of natural causes near Burgos, Castile, Spain.

Saint Eoghan of Concullen

St. Eoghan of Concullen was born in the County Tipperary, Ireland and was the son of Saran of Concullen. He was a monk.

Three Daughters of Eltin

The three daughters of Eltin were listed in several Irish martyrologues, but no details about them are known.

Saint Vicenta of Coria

St. Vicenta of Coria was a nun and a martyr. She died in 424 in Coria, Hispania Lusitana (in modern Portugal).

Saint Matrona of Capua

St. Matrona of Capua was a nun in Capua, Italy.

List of Saints Whose Feast Day is March 15 - Catholic Saint of the Day
List of Saints Whose Feast Day is March 15 – Catholic Saint of the Day

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