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Saint of the Day for March 23

This is the Saint of the Day list of Saints and Blesseds whose feast day falls on March 23 every year.

👉 Saint Turibius of Mogrovejo, Bishop

Saint Rafqa

Saint Walter of Pontoise

Blessed Pietro of Gubbio

Saint Ottone Frangipane

Saint Joseph Oriol

Blessed Metodej Dominik Trcka

Blessed Álvaro del Portillo Díez de Sollano

Saint Victorian of Hadrumetum

Saint Gwinear

Martyrs of Caesarea

Blessed Peter Higgins

Blessed Annunciata Asteria Cocchetti

Saint Ethelwald of Farne

Blessed Edmund Sykes

Saint Benedict of Campagna

Saint Nicon of Sicily

St Nicon of Sicily was martyred 250 AD in Sicily, Italy. He was a distinguished Roman soldier and was converted to Christianity while travelling in Palestine. He later become a spiritual student of Theodosius of Cyzicus and also a leader of 200 Christian disciples who fled to Sicily to escape persecutions of Decius in Palestine. They could not escape it, however, and all were martyred.

Saint Liberatus of Carthage

St Liberatus of Carthage died in 484 AD at Carthade(modern Tunis, Tunisia). He was martyred with his wife and children in the persecutions of the Arians unfortunately, only the father‘s name has come down to us.

Saint Frumentius of Hadrumetum

St Frumentius of Hadrumetum was a wealthy merchant martyred on 484 AD in the persecutions of the Arian Vandal King Hunneric at Hadrumetum (modern Sousse, Tunisia).

Saint Maidoc of Fiddown

St Maidoc of Fiddown, also known as Mo-Mhaedog of Fiddown or Momhaedog, was born in Irish. He was a fifth century abbot at the monastery at Fiddown in Kilkenny, Ireland.

Saint Felix the Martyr

St Felix the Martyr was a fifth century martyr, killed in the Vandal persecutions in Africa in the 5th century, with 20 other Christians whose names have not come down to us.

Saint Felix of Monte Cassino

St Felix of Monte Cassino was a Benedictine monk at Monte Cassino and died of natural causes in 1000 AD. At his tomb, there were miracles reported.

Saint Crescentius of Carthage

St Crescentius of Carthage was a priest martyred in the persecutions of the Arians. He died in 484 AD at Carthage (modern Tunis, Tunisia).

Daughters of Feradhach

Daughters of Feradhach were also known as Filiae Feradachi. They were mentioned in early calendars and martyrologies, but no information about them has survived.

Saint Theodolus of Antioch

St Theodolus of Antioch, also known as Theodore orTheodoricus, was a priest in Antioch, Syria.

Saint Fidelis the Martyr

St Fidelis the Martyr died as a martyr in North Africa.

Saint Julian the Confessor

St Julian the Confessor was a martyr.

List of Saints Whose Feast Day is March 23 - Catholic Saint of the Day
List of Saints Whose Feast Day is March 23 – Catholic Saint of the Day

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