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Saint of the Day for March 5

This is the Saint of the Day list of Saints and Blesseds whose feast day falls on March 5 every year.

Saint John Joseph of the Cross

Saint Mark the Ascetic

Saint Piran

Saint Kieran

Pope Saint Lucius I

Blessed Lazër Shantoja

Blessed Christopher Macassoli of Vigevano

Blessed Ion Costist

Saint Virgilius of Arles

Saint Gerasimus of Palestine

Blessed Ponzio of Villeneuve

Saint Eusebius of Cremona

Saint Conon of Pamphylia

Saint Adrian of Caesarea

Saint Elouan of Brittany

Blessed Giovanna Irrizaldi

Blessed Giovanna Irrizaldi was a Mercedarian nun in the monastery of St Joseph in Nalan, Asturia, Spain. She was known as a miracle worker and she could travel across the sea by stretching a white veil over the water and riding it. At her time of death, she was buried at the Mercedarian monastery of St Joseph in Nalan, Asturia, Spain.

Blessed Romeo of Limoges

Blessed Romeo of Limoges, also known as Romaeus, died of plague while on pilgrimage in 1380 AD at Lucca. He was a Carmelite lay brother of Limoges, France and also a pilgrim companion of St Avertanus of Limoges to Rome, Italy and the Holy Lands, but died en route. The tale of their travels, lavishly and piously expanded, was very popular in the years after their deaths.

Saint Theophilus of Caesarea

St Theophilus of Caesarea died of natural causes in 195 AD. He was a bishop of Caesarea in Palestine. In addition, He opposed the Quartodecimans, a sect that advocated commemorating Easter on Passover, whether that was Sunday or not.

Blessed Conrad Scheuber

Blessed Conrad Scheuber, also known as Konrad, was born in 1481 at Altfellen, Switzerland and died of natural causes on 5th March 1559 in Bettelruti, Switzerland. He was a grandson of St Nicholas of Flüe and also a hermit at the hermitage of St Nicholas, and then at Wolffenschiessen.

Saint Carthach the Elder

St Carthach the Elder, also known as Carthage the Elder, was an Irish born and died of natural causes in 540 AD. He was a descendant of a king and also a bishop of Ossory, Ireland.

Blessed Roger

Blessed Roger died of natural cause in 1236 AD in Spain. He was a spiritual student of St Francis of Assisi and later he joined the Franciscans in 1216 AD. Additional, he was a miracle worker and had the gift of prophecy.

Saint Oliva of Brescia

St Oliva of Brescia died in 138 AD and his relics are at St Afra’s church, Brescia, Italy. He was martyred in the persecutions of Hadrian.

Saint Phocas of Antioch

St Phocas of Antioch drowned to death in his bath 320 AD at Antioch. He was martyred in the persecutions of Emperor Licinius.

Blessed Claudius I of Auxerre

Blessed Claudius I of Auxerre, also known as Claude, was a seventh century bishop of Auxerre, France.

Saint Clement of Santa Lucia

St Clement of Santa Lucia died in 800 AD. He was an abbot of Santa Lucia Abbey in Syracuse, Sicily.

Saint Colman of Armagh

St Colman of Armagh was a fifth century disciple of St Patrick. After his death, he was buried beside St Patrick.

Saint Eusebius the Martyr

Saint Eusebius the Martyr was one of a group of ten martyrs who died in a group in North Africa.

Saint Caron

St Eusebius the Martyr was a bishop and in addition, a church at Tregaron, Wales is named for him.

Martyrs of Africa

Martyrs of Africa was a group of 304 Christians martyred together for their faith. They died in 254 AD in Africa but the exact location and the date is still unknown.

Their names are;

  • Eusebius
  • Evolus
  • Hadrian
  • Julian
  • Octavian

Other Saints Celebrated Today

  • Orante of Ortucchio
  • Gerasimos of San Lorenzo
  • Dietmar von Minden
  • Cono the Miracle Worker
List of Saints Whose Feast Day is March 5 - Catholic Saint of the Day
List of Saints Whose Feast Day is March 5 – Catholic Saint of the Day

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