Saint of the Day for May 16 2024

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Today is Tuesday, June 25, 2024

This is the Saint of the Day list of Saints and Blesseds whose feast day is May 16 2024.

Saint Simon Stock

Saint Brendan the Navigator

Saint Honorius of Amiens

Saint Andrew Bobola

Saint Ubaldus Baldassini

Blessed Vladimir Ghika

Saint Possidius of Calama

Blessed Vitaliy Bayrak

Saint Peregrinus of Auxerre

Blessed Michal Wozniak

Blessed Adam of San Sabine

Blessed Adam of Adami

Saint Fidolus of Aumont

Blessed Louis of Mercy

Saint Abdas of Cascar

Saint Francoveus

Saint Germerius of Toulouse

Saint Germerius of Toulouse, also known as Germier, was born in the year 480 AD, in Angouleme, France and lived as a Bishop of Toulouse, France for 5 decades.

He died in the year 560 AD in Dux, France due to natural causes.

Saint Annobert of Séez

Saint Annobert of Séez, also known as Alnobert or Alnobertus lived as a monk at Almenèches, France and also a Bishop of Séez, France in 685 AD. He died in the year 689 AD.

Saint Carantoc

Saint Carantoc, also known as Carantock, Carannog, Carantocus or Carentoc lived as a monk in the 6th century and an Abbott. He was said to have brought about the founding of the church of Llangranog in Wales.

Saint Carantac

Saint Carantac, also known as Carantog, Caimach, Carnath, Cairnach or Carantoc was born in Wales in the 5th century and was believed to have worked with Saint Patrick to bring back Christianity to Ireland.

Saint Primael of Quimper

Saint Primael of Quimper was born in the British Isles and lived as a hermit near Quimper, France. He died in 450 AD.

Saint Peregrinus of Terni

Saint Peregrinus of Terni lived as a bishop of Terni, Italy and was the founder of its cathedral. He died in 138 AD.

Saint Hilary of Pavia

Saint Hilary of Pavia was a Bishop of Pavia in northern Italy and was known to have opposed Arianism. He died in 376 AD from natural causes.

Saint Fort of Bordeaux

Saint Fort of Bordeaux, also known as Forannan, was known to be the First Bishop of Bordeaux, France and was believed to have died as a martyr.

Saint Gennadius of Uzalis

Saint Gennadius of Uzalis died as a martyr in Uzalis, North Africa.

Saint Diocletian of Osimo

Saint Diocletian of Osimo died as a martyr in Osimo, Italy.

Saint Maxima of Fréjus

Saint Maxima of Fréjus lived as a nun in the area ot Fréjus, France.

Saint Felix of Uzalis

Saint Felix of Uzalis was said to have been murdered as a martyr in Uzalis, North Africa.

Saint Fiorenzo of Osimo

Saint Fiorenzo of Osimo was said to have died as a martyr in Osimo, Italy.

Saint Aquilinus of Isauria

Saint Aquilinus of Isauria was believed to have died as a martyr.

Saint Victorian of Isauria

Saint Victorian of Isauria was also believed to have died as a martyr.

Martyrs of Saint Sabas

Martyrs of Saint Sabas were said to be a group of 44 monks, who were massacred by Moors at the monastery of Saint Sabas in Palestine.

Other Saint of the Day for May 16 2024

  • Abdas of Susa
List of Saints Whose Feast Day is May 16 - Catholic Saint of the Day
List of Saints Whose Feast Day is May 16 2024 – Catholic Saint of the Day

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