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Saint of the Day for May 2

This is the Saint of the Day list of Saints and Blesseds whose feast day falls on May 2 every year.

👉 Saint Athanasius, Bishop and Doctor of the Church

Saint Antoninus of Florence

Saint José María Rubio y Peralta

Blessed Alessandra Sabattini

Saint Wiborada of St Gall

Saint Alpin de Chalons

Blessed Boleslas Strzelecki

Saint Fiorenzo of Algeria

Blessed William Tirry

Saint Zoe of Pamphylia

Saint Exuperius of Pamphylia

Saint Theodulus of Pamphylia

Saint Cyriacus of Pamphylia

Saint Joseph Luu

Saint Gennys of Cornwall

Blessed Conrad of Seldenburen

Saint Vindemialis of Africa

Saint Ultan of Péronne

Saint Waldebert of Luxeuil

Saint Waldebert of Luxeuil commonly known as Gaubert, Valbert, Valdeberto, Vaubert, Walbert or Waldebertus was a monk and an Abott of the Luxeuil Abbey in the year 628 AD. He worked with Saint Salaberga to found the convent of Saint John the Baptist in Laon, France.

He died in the year 668 AD.

Saint Germanus of Normandy

Saint Germanus of Normandy also known as Germanus the Scot or Germaine of Normandy, was converted into Christianity by Saint Germanus of Auxerre after which he took the name, Germanus to honour him.

He became a bishop and later died as a martyr in the year 460 AD at Normandy, France.

Saint Gluvias

Saint Gluvias famously known as Clivis or Glywys was a brother to Saint Cadoc of Llancarfan and may have been a nephew to Saint Petroc. He lived as a monk and was sent to Cornwall by Cadoc, where he brought about by the founding of a monastery and parish now known as Saint Glywys. It is unclear on the whereabouts of his death but possibilities are there that he may have been martyred.

Saint Eugenius of Africa

Saint Eugenius of Africa also known as Eugenia was a bishop in North Africa bound and loyal to orthodox Christianity and opposed Arianism.

He died as a martyr in the year 485 AD after being persecuted by the order of the Arian Vandal King Hunneric.

Saint Guisitano of Sardinia

Saint Guisitano of Sardinia‘s whereabouts of his life are unclear but all there is to know about him is that he died as a martyr after being beheaded on Sardania and buried in the Church of San Sperate.

His relics were enshrined in the cathedral in Cagliari, Sardinia in the year 1616 AD.

Saint Longinus of Africa

Saint Longinus of Africa lived as a bishop of Tlemcen, Mauritania. He stayed faithful to orthodox Christianity and opposed Arianism.

He was martyred by the order of the Arian Vandal King Hunneric after going through torture in the year 485 AD.

Saint Neachtain of Cill-Uinche

Saint Neachtain of Cill-Uinche was also known as Neachtain of Frnnor, Neachtan of Cill-Uinche or Nectan of Cill-Uinche and was a relative of Saint Patrick. He was believed to present at saint Patrick‘s death. It is said that he died in the 5th century.

Saint Bertinus the Younger

Saint Bertinus of Younger lived as a Benedictine monk at the abbey of Sithiu, France. He was a spiritual apprentice to Saint Bertin the Great and believed to have died in the year 699 AD of natural causes.

Blessed Juan de Verdegallo

Blessed Juan de Verdegallo was a Mercedarian who was said to have freed 99 christians form captivity and slavery in Muslim Numidia.

It is believed that he died in the 15th century due to natural causes.

Blessed Bernard of Seville

Blessed Bernard of Seville was a commander of Mercedarian convent of aint Eulalia in Seville, Spain and it is said that he died in the year 1440 AD.

Saint Felix of Seville

Saint Felix of Seville was believed to be living as a deacon and martyred in Seville, Spain.

Martyrs of Alexandria

Celestine, Germanus, Neopolus and Saturninus famously referred to as the Martyrs of Alexandria, were said to be a group of christians who were martyred together in the year 304 AD in the persecutions of Diocletian in Alexandria Egypt.

Other Saints Celebrated Today

  • Nicholas Hermansson
List of Saints Whose Feast Day is May 2 - Catholic Saint of the Day
List of Saints Whose Feast Day is May 2 – Catholic Saint of the Day

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