Saint of the Day for May 27 2024

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Today is Monday, July 15, 2024

This is the Saint of the Day list of Saints and Blesseds whose feast day is May 27 2024.

👉 Saint Augustine of Canterbury, Bishop

Saint Julius the Veteran

Saint Liberius of Ancona

Saint Secundus of Troia

Saint Bruno of Wurzburg

Saint Melangell

Saint Barbara Kim

Saint Barbara Yi

Blessed Richard Holiday

Blessed John Hogg

Blessed Richard Hill

Blessed Edmund Duke

Saint Anthanansius Bazzekuketta

Saint Gonzaga Gonza

Blessed Dionysius of Semur

Saint Restituta of Sora

Blessed Matthias of Nagasaki

Saint Eutropius of Orange

St Eutropius of Orange was born in Marseilles, France and died in 475 AD. He was born to the nobility and spent a wild and wasted youth.

Additionally, he was married but later become a widower. Furthermore, He was a deacon in Marseilles, France and later become a bishop of Orange, France during a period of rebuilding following Visigoth raids. Letters from contemporaries speak highly of his learning and piety.

Blessed Gausberto of Montsalvy

Blessed Gausberto of Montsalvy, also known as Gausbert, died of natural causes in 1079 AD.

He was a priest, a hermit, a monk and then abbot at Montsalvy Abbey, Clermont-Ferrand, France. He helped turn the house into a hospice to assist pilgrims to holy sites.

Saint Frederick of Liège

St Frederick of Liège died of natural causes in 1172 AD. He was one of the twelfth-century bishops of Liège, Belgium.

In addition, he was known for repressing simony, nepotism, and the usurpation of Church authority by German imperial authorities.

Blessed James of Nocera

Blessed James of Nocera was born at Nocera, Umbria, Italy and died of natural causes in 1300 AD. He was a monk at Santa Croce di’ Fontavellana.

Saint Ranulf of Arras

St Ranulf of Arras, also known as Ragnulf or Ranulphus, and died as a martyr in 700 AD in Thélus, France. He was the father of St Hadulph.

Saint Evangelius of Alexandria

St Evangelius of Alexandria, also known as Eucarius, was a martyr.

Saint Acculus of Alexandria

St Acculus of Alexandria was a martyr.

Other Saints of the Day for May 27 2024

  • Zacharias of Vienne
  • Therapon of Belozersk
  • Pelbart of Temesvar
  • Martyrs of Tomi
  • Martyrs of Haarlem
  • Julian of Jerusalem
  • Cillin of Tehallan
  • Basil of Georgia
List of Saints Whose Feast Day is May 27 - Catholic Saint of the Day
List of Saints Whose Feast Day is May 27 2024 – Catholic Saint of the Day

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