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Saint of the Day for May 4

This is the Saint of the Day list of Saints and Blesseds whose feast day falls on May 4 every year.

Saint John Houghton

Saint Florian of Lorch

Blessed Jean-Martin Moye

Blessed Ladislas of Gielniow

Blessed Michal Giedroyc

Saint Richard Reynolds

Blessed Victor Emilio Moscoso-Cárdenas

Saint Augustine Webster

Saint Arbeo of Freising

Saint Robert Lawrence

Blessed Paolino Bigazzini

Saint Judas Cyriacus

Saint Antonius of Rocher

Saint Ethelred of Bardney

Saint Enéour

Blessed Margareta Kratz

Saint Cyriacus of Ancona

Saint Antonina of Nicaea

Saint Antonina of Nicaea suffered the wrath of the persecutions of Diocletian and governor Priscillian as she was scourged, tortured, torn with iron hooks, racked and beheaded in the year 290 AD at Nicaea, Bithynia.

Blessed Angela Bartolomea dei Ranzi

Blessed Angela Bartolomea dei Ranzi famously known as Bartolomea was an Augustinian nun at the convent of Blessed Michela in Vercelli, Italy in the 15th century. It is believed that she died of natural illness after battling a lengthy and crippling illness in the year 1515 AD.

Saint Silvanus of Gaza

Saint Silvanus of Gaza lived as a bishop of Gaza. He was martyred by being beheaded at the mines of Phennes in Palestine with 39 fellow Christians following their sentencing to forced labour after being branded by command of Caesar Galerius Maximian during the persecutions of Diocletian.

Saint Antonia of Nicomedia

Saint Antonia of Nicomedia was believed to have been repeatedly tortured and later executed for her faith after being incarcerated for two years during the persecutions of governor Priscillian.

She died as a martyr after being burned to death in Nicomedia in modern Turkey.

Saint Antonia of Constantinople

Saint Antonia of Constantinople was said to have lived as a Christian maiden who was later tortured and murdered as a martyr in the persecutions of Diocletian and Galerius after being burnt at the stake in the late 3rd century in Constatinople.

Blessed Angela Isabella dei Ranzi

Blessed Angela Isabella dei Ranzi was commonly known as Isabella and it is believed to have lived as an Augustinian nun at the convent of the Blessed Michela in Vercelli, Italy in the 15th century. It is said that she died in the year 1492 AD of natural causes.

Saint Porphyrius of Camerelle Rino

Saint Porphyrius of Camerelle Rino was said to have lived as priest who evangelized in the area of Umbria, Italy and working from Camerelle Rino. It is believed that he died as Martyr in the persecutions of Decius after being beheaded in the year 250 AD.

Saint Curcodomus of Auxerre

Saint Curcodomus of Auxerre lived as a deacon in Rome, Italy in the 3rd century. He was a missionary to Auxerre, Gaul(modern France) and was said to have been sent by Pope Sixtus II to assist the area’s first bishop, Saint Peregrinus of Auxerre.

Blessed Hilsindis

Blessed Hilsindis was the daughter of the Duke of Lorraine and lived as a married lay woman who later in life was widowed.

She brought about the founding of a convent at Thorn, now a place in Netherlands and joined it as a Benedictine nun who later became an Abbess at Thorn.

It is believed that she died in the year 1028 AD due to natural causes.

Blessed Luca da Toro

Blessed Luca da Toro was born in the 14th century to the Castilian nobility. He was believed to be a member of the mercedarians and it was said that he redeemed and set free 118 Christians from slavery in Muslim Morocco in the year 1403 and also while there he evangelized to the Moors.

Saint Nepotian of Altino

Saint Nepotian of Altino lived as a soldier and also an Officer in the imperial body guard, a position he resigned to become a priest. He was a nephew of saint Helidorus and believed to have died in the year 395 AD.

Saint Paulinus of Senigallia

Saint Paulinus of Senigallia was said to have lived as a bishop of Senigallia, Italy where also his patronage was. He passed away in the year 826 AD.

Saint Pelagia of Tarsus

Saint Pelagia of Tarsus is believed to have passed away as a martyr in the persecutions of Diocletian after being burnt to death in a bronze ox at Tarsus.

Saint Cunegund of Regensburg

Saint Cunegund of Regensburg was believed to have lived as a nun at Niedermunster convent in Ratisbon, Germany. She passed away in the year 1052 AD.

Saint Albian of Albee

Saint Albian of Albee lived as a bishop of Albee and was murdered as a martyr with a group of disciples in the year 304 AD near Ephesus.

Saint Paulinus of Cologne

Saint Paulinus of Cologne was believed to have died as a martyr and relics enshrined in Cologne, Germany.

Carthusian Martyrs

Blessed Humphrey Middlemore, Blessed James Walworth, Blessed John Davy, Blessed John Rochester, Blessed Richard Bere, Blessed Robert Salt, Blessed Sebastian Newdigate, Blessed Thomas Green, Blessed Thomas Johnson, Blessed Thomas Redyng, Blessed Thomas Scryven, Blessed Walter Pierson, Blessed William Exmew, Blessed William Greenwood, Blessed William Horne, Blessed Augustine Webster, Saint John Houghton and Saint Robert Lawrence, are members of a group of Carthusian monks who were murdered as martyrs after being hanged, drawn and quartered between 19th June 1535 and 20th of September the year 1537 for refusing to acknowledge the English royalty as head of the Church and are up to date referred to and remembered as the Carthusian Martyrs.

Martyrs of Cirta

Agapius, Antonia, Emilian, Secundinus, Tertula and a woman and her twin children were a group of clergy and laity who were murdered as martyrs in Cirta, Numidia in modern Tunisia during the the persecutions of Valerian. They are up to date referred to as the Martyrs of Cirta, Martyrs of Cirtha or Martyrs of Tzirta.

Martyrs of Novellara

Apollo, Bono, Cassiano, Castoro, Damiano, Dionisio, Leonida, Lucilla, Poliano, Tecla, Teodora and Vespasiano are the names belonging to a bishop and several of his followers who were martyred together in the persecutions of Diocletian.

Martyrs of England, Scotland, and Wales

Blessed William Thomson, Blessed William Spenser, Blessed William Southerne, Blessed William Pike, Blessed William Lampley, Blessed William Knight, Blessed William Gibson, Blessed William Davies, Blessed William Carter, Blessed Thurstan Hunt, Blessed Thomas Whitaker, Blessed Thomas Watkinson, Blessed Thomas Sprott, Blessed Thomas Pormort, Blessed Thomas Pilche, Blessed Thomas Palaser, Blessed Thomas Hunt, Blessed Thomas Bullaker, Blessed Thomas Belson, Blessed Thomas Atkinson, Blessed Stephen Rowsham, Blessed Roger Wrenno, Blessed Roger Filcock, Blessed Roger Cadwallador, Blessed Robert Thorpe, Blessed Robert Sutton, Blessed Robert Sutton, Blessed Robert Nutter, Blessed Robert Middleton, Blessed Robert Ludlam, Blessed Robert Hardesty, Blessed Robert Grissold, Blessed Robert Drury, Blessed Robert Dibdale, Blessed Robert Bickerdike, Blessed Richard Yaxley, Blessed Richard Simpson, Blessed Richard Sergeant, Blessed Richard Holiday, Blessed Richard Hill, Blessed Richard Flower, Blessed Ralph Grimston, Blessed Peter Snow, Blessed Nicholas Woodfen, Blessed Nicholas Postgate, Blessed Nicholas Horner, Blessed Nicholas Garlick, Blessed Montfort Scott, Blessed Matthew Flathers, Blessed Marmaduke Bowes, Blessed Joseph Lambton, Blessed John Woodcock, Blessed John Thules, Blessed John Talbot, Blessed John Sugar, Blessed John Sandys, Blessed John Norton, Blessed John Lowe, Blessed John Hogg, Blessed John Hambley, Blessed John Fingley, Blessed John Bretton, Blessed John Adams, Blessed Humphrey Pritchard, Blessed Hugh Taylor, Blessed Henry Webley, Blessed Henry Heath, Blessed George Nichols, Blessed George Haydock, Blessed George Errington, Blessed George Douglas, Blessed George Beesley, Blessed Francis Ingleby, Blessed Edward Thwing, Blessed Edward Osbaldeston, Blessed Edward Burden, Blessed Edward Bamber, Blessed Edmund Sykes, Blessed Edmund Duke, Blessed Christopher Wharton, Blessed Christopher Robinson, Blessed Charles Meehan, Blessed Arthur Bell, Blessed Antony Page, Blessed Alexander Crow and Blessed Alexander Blake are 85 of English, Scottish and Welsh Catholics who were murdered as martyrs during the persecutions of by Protestants in the 16th and the 17th centuries. They are all commemorated together on 22nd of November of every year

Other Saints Celebrated Today

  • Marco Ongaro of Conegliano
  • Mochua of Sliabh Eibhlinne
  • Shroud of Turin
List of Saints Whose Feast Day is May 4 - Catholic Saint of the Day
List of Saints Whose Feast Day is May 4 – Catholic Saint of the Day

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