Tuesday, May 17, 2022
Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Saint of the Day for November 30

This is the Saint of the Day list of Saints and Blesseds whose feast day falls on November 30 every year.

👉 Feast of Saint Andrew the Apostle

Blessed John of Vercelli

Saint Castulus of Rome

Blessed Everard of Stahleck

Saint Cuthbert Mayne

Blessed Frederick of Regensburg

Saint Galganus

Saint Joseph Marchand

Blessed Ludwik Roch Gietyngier

Saint Tudwal of Tréguier

Saint Thaddeus Liu Ruiting

Saint Anders of Slagelse

Blessed Joscius Roseus

Blessed Alexander Crow

Saint Isaac of Beth-Seleucia

Saint Sapor

Saint Simeon of Persia

Saint Mahanes the Persian

Saint Abraham of Persia

Blessed Andrew of Antioch

Saint Crider of Cornwall

Saint Maura of Constantinople

St Maura of Constantinople died at Constantinople (modern Istanbul, Turkey) as Virgin martyr. No details of her life have survived. An island in the Ionian Sea is named in her honour. Her devotion was widespread in the East. Julian the Apostate unsuccessfully tried to suppress devotion to her.

Saint Mirocles of Milan

St Mirocles of Milan, also known as Merocles or Mirocleto, die of natural cause in 318 AD. He was an archbishop of Milan, Italy, a writer and also attended the Council of Rome in 313. He was one of the originators of the Ambrosian liturgy and chant. His life and works were praised by Saint Ambrose of Milan.

Saint Trojan

St Trojan, also known as Troyen, died in 533 AD. His father was Jewish, his mother was Arabic, and Trojan was an adult convert to Christianity. He was also a priest and a student of Saint Vivien. He was considered as beloved bishop of Saintes, France.

Blessed William de Paulo

Blessed William de Paulo was born in Catania, Sicily and died of natural cause in 1423 AD. He was a Benedictine monk at San Niccolo dell’ Arena and also an abbot at Maniaco, assigned to restore discipline.

Saint Zosimus the Wonder Worker

St Zosimus the Wonder Worker, also known as Zosimus of Palestine, died in 6th century of natural causes. He was hermit at Palestine and also a miracle worker.

Blessed Arnold of Gemblours

Blessed Arnold of Gemblours died of natural cause in 1155 AD. He was a Benedictine monk at Saint-Nicaise Abbey, Rheims, France and also and abbot of Gemblours Abbey in Belgium.

Saint Constantius of Rome

St Constantius of Rome was a priest in Rome, Italy. Opposed Pelagianism, and murdered in 418 AD at Rome, Italy by its adherents.

Saint Justina of Constantinople

St Justina of Constantinople died at Constantinople as a martyred maiden.

Saint Merola of Antioch

St Merola of Antioch, also known as Merula, died in 400 AD at Antioch, Syria as martyr.

Saint Domninus of Antioch

St Domninus of Antioch died in 400 AD at Antioch, Syria as a martyr.

Saint Euprepis of Rome

St Euprepis of Rome was martyred in Rome, Italy.

Martyrs of Saxony

Martyrs of Saxony were missionaries who worked with Saint Willehad of Bremen. Martyrs. – Attroban, Benjamin, Emmingen, Folkard, Gerwald and Grisold. They later died on 30 November 782 at River Weser, Lawer Saxony, Germany.

Martyrs of the Spanish Civil War

These are the names of some of the thousands of people were murdered from 1934 to 1939, during the anti-Catholic persecutions of the Spanish Civil War. 

Their names are;

  • Blessed Victor Cuesta Villalba
  • Blessed Vicente Angulo GarcĂ­a
  • Blessed TomĂĄs SĂĄnchez LĂłpez
  • Blessed Saturnino Sanz y Sanz
  • Blessed Santiago GarcĂ­a Molina
  • Blessed RomĂĄn MartĂ­n Mata
  • Blessed Ricardo Marcos Reguero
  • Blessed RamĂłn Juan Costa
  • Blessed Ramiro Alonso LĂłpez
  • Blessed Rafael Touceda FernĂĄndez
  • Blessed Pedro SimĂłn Ferrero
  • Blessed Pedro MartĂ­nez Ramos
  • Blessed Pedro de la Varga Delgado
  • Blessed Pedro Carvajal Pereda
  • Blessed NicĂ©foro Salvador del RĂ­o
  • Blessed Nemesio GarcĂ­a Rubio
  • Blessed Nemesio DĂ­ez FernĂĄndez
  • Blessed Miguel IturrarĂĄn Laucirica
  • Blessed Miguel Francisco Rueda MejĂ­as
  • Blessed Miguel Cerezal Calvo
  • Blessed Melchor MartĂ­nez Antuña
  • Blessed MĂĄximo Valle GarcĂ­a
  • Blessed MatĂ­as Espeso Cuevas
  • Blessed MartĂ­n ArbĂ© BarrĂłn
  • Blessed Mariano Revilla Rico
  • Blessed MarĂ­a del Olvido Noguera Albelda
  • Blessed Marcos Guerrero Prieto
  • Blessed Manuel Miguel SĂĄnchez
  • Blessed Macario SĂĄnchez LĂłpez
  • Blessed Luis SuĂĄrez-ValdĂ©s DĂ­az de Miranda
  • Blessed Luis Palacios Lozano
  • Blessed Luis Abia Melendro
  • Blessed LeĂłn Alesanco Maestro
  • Blessed Julio MarĂ­a Fincias
  • Blessed Julio Marcos RodrĂ­guez
  • Blessed JuliĂĄn Zarco Cuevas
  • Blessed Juan SĂĄnchez y SĂĄnchez
  • Blessed Juan Peña Ruiz
  • Blessed Juan Monedero FernĂĄndez
  • Blessed Josep Maria Dalmau RegĂĄs
  • Blessed JosĂ© OtĂ­n AquiluĂ©
  • Blessed JosĂ© Noriega GonzĂĄlez
  • Blessed JosĂ© LĂłpez Piteira
  • Blessed JosĂ© Gando Uña
  • Blessed JosĂ© Antonio PĂ©rez GarcĂ­a
  • Blessed JosĂ© AgustĂ­n Fariña Castro
  • Blessed JoaquĂ­n GarcĂ­a Ferrero
  • Blessed JesĂșs Largo Manrique
  • Blessed JesĂșs Gesta Piquer
  • Blessed Isidro Mediavilla Campos
  • Blessed Heliodoro Merino y Merino
  • Blessed Gregorio Álvarez FernĂĄndez
  • Blessed Gerardo Pascual Mata
  • Blessed Gerardo Gil Leal
  • Blessed Francisco Marcos Del RĂ­o
  • Blessed Francisco Fuente Puebla
  • Blessed Esteban GarcĂ­a SuĂĄrez
  • Blessed Emiliano SantamarĂ­a Angulo
  • Blessed Dionisio Terceño Vicente
  • Blessed DĂĄmaso Arconada Merino
  • Blessed Constantino Malumbres FrancĂ©s
  • Blessed Conrado RodrĂ­guez GutiĂ©rrez
  • Blessed Bernardino Calle Franco
  • Blessed Benito Velasco y Velasco
  • Blessed Benito RodrĂ­guez GonzĂĄlez
  • Blessed Benito Garnelo Álvarez
  • Blessed Arturo GarcĂ­a de la Fuente
  • Blessed Arturo Donoso Murillo
  • Blessed Antonio MartĂ­nez Gil-Leonis
  • Blessed Amado Cubeñas DĂ­az-Madrazo
  • Blessed AgustĂ­n Renedo MartĂ­n

Other Saints Celebrated Today

  • Pompea of Langoat
  • Berenguer de Ostales
List of Saints Whose Feast Day is November 30 - Catholic Saint of the Day
List of Saints Whose Feast Day is November 30 – Catholic Saint of the Day

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