Saint of the Day for November 5 2024

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Today is Friday, May 10, 2024

This is the Saint of the Day list of Saints and Blesseds whose feast day is November 5 2024.

👉 Saint Guido Maria Conforti

Saint Emeric of Hungary

Blessed Bernhard Lichtenberg

Saint Gerald of Beziers

Blessed Hryhorii Lakota

Blessed María del Carmen Viel Ferrando

Saint Bertille

Blessed Narcyz Putz

Blessed Gomidas Keumurjian

Saints Epistemis and Galation

Saint Ðaminh Mau

Saint Comasia

Saint Laetus of Orléans

Saint Mamete

Saint Kea

Saint Domninus the Physician

St. Domninus the Physician was also known as Donnino. As a physician he was condemned to work the mines during the persecutions of Maximian. He died a Martyr after being burned to death in 310AD in Palestine.

Saint Idda

St. Idda was born to the southern German nobility. She spent most of her time in prayer. St. Idda was married then later widowed and she spent her final days at the Benedictine abbey of Fischingen in Germany. She died in the 12th century due to natural causes.

Saint Spinulus

St. Spinulus was also known as Spin or Spinula. He was a monk at Moyenmoutier in France. He was a friend of Saint Hidulf.

He founded the monastery of Bégon-Celle (now known as Saint-Blasien) in France. St. Spinulus died in 714 AD.

Saint Hermenegild

St. Hermenegild was a Spanish benedictine monk at Salcedo, diocese of Tui in Spanish Galatia. He helped St. Rudesind spread the Benedictine Rule throughout northwest Spain. He died in 953 AD.

Saint Augustine of Terracina

St. Augustine of Terracina was a sixth-century Benedictine monk. He was dispatched by St. Benedict of Nursia to found a monastery in Terracina in Italy.

Saint Sylvanus of Syria

St. Sylvanus of Syria was born Syrian and as a bishop, he was condemned to work the mines during the persecutions of Maximian. He died as a Martyr.

Saint Fibitius

St. Fibitius was also known as Fibizio or Fibicio. He was an abbot of a monastery in Trier, Germany. He doubled up as a Bishop of Trier. He died in 500 AD.

Saint Eusebius of Terracina

St. Eusebius of Terracina was a Martyr who died in the 1st century in Terracina, Italy.

Saint Guetnoco

St. Guetnoco was a brother monk to St. Winwallus and St. Giacuto at Landevennec monastery in Brittany, France. He was an abbot.

Saint Kanten

St. Kanten was also known as Cannen. She was the founder of Llanganten Abbey in Powys, Wales. She died in the 8th century.

Saint Dominator of Brescia

St. Dominator of Brescia was a bishop who died in 495 AD.

Saint Felix of Terracina

St. Felix of Terracina was a Martyr who died in the 1st century in Terracina, Italy.

Saint Canonica

St. Canonica was the daughter of a prince of Constantinople. She was a hermitess in the desert of Jordan.

Saint Marco of Troia

St. Marco of Troia was a bishop of Troia in Italy.

Martyrs of Caesarea Maritima

The Martyrs of Caesarea Maritima were four young Christian men who were martyred together in the persecutions of Maximian.

Their names are;

– Aussenzius, Philotheus, Timothy and Theotimus.

They died in the arena at Caesarea Maritima in Palestine.

Martyrs of the Spanish Civil War

These are the names of some of the thousands of people who were murdered from 1934 to 1939, during the anti-Catholic persecutions of the Spanish Civil War. 

Their names are;

• Blessed María del Carmen Viel Ferrando
• Blessed Juan Duarte Martín
• Blessed Juan Antoni Burró Mas

All Jesuit Saints

All Jesuit Saints were also known as the Society of Jesus or the Company of Jesus. They were founded in 1534 by St. Ignatius Loyola at Montmartre in Paris, France

Their names are;

  • Venerable Tiburcio Arnáiz Muñoz
  • Venerable Petar Barbaric
  • Venerable Luis Lapuente
  • Venerable Leonard Lessius
  • Venerable Johann Philipp Jeningen
  • Venerable Jacques Sevin
  • Venerable Giuseppe Antonio Migliavacca
  • Venerable Giacinto Alegre Pujals
  • Saint Thomas Garnet
  • Saint Stanislaus Kostka
  • Saint Rocco Gonzalez
  • Saint Robert Southwell
  • Saint Robert Bellarmine
  • Saint Rémi Isoré
  • Saint Philip Evans
  • Saint Peter Faber
  • Saint Peter Claver
  • Saint Peter Canisius
  • Saint Paul Suzuki
  • Saint Paul Miki
  • Saint Paul Denn
  • Saint Noel Chabanel
  • Saint Nicholas Owen
  • Saint Modeste Andlauer
  • Saint Melichar Grodecký
  • Saint Léon-Ignace Mangin
  • Saint Juan del Castillo Rodríguez
  • Saint Joseph Pignatelli
  • Saint José María Rubio y Peralta
  • Saint José de Anchieta
  • Saint John Soan de Goto
  • Saint John Ogilvie
  • Saint John Francis Regis
  • Saint John de Brébeuf
  • Saint John Berchmans
  • Saint Jean-Pierre Néel
  • Saint James Kisai
  • Saint Jacques Fermin
  • Saint Jacques Berthieu
  • Saint István Pongrácz
  • Saint Isaac Jogues
  • Saint Ignatius of Loyola
  • Saint Henry Walpole
  • Saint Henry Morse
  • Saint Gabriel Lalemant
  • Saint Francis Xavier
  • Saint Francis of Girolamo
  • Saint Francis Borgia
  • Saint Edmund Campion
  • Saint Edmund Arrowsmith
  • Saint David Lewis
  • Saint Claude de la Colombiere
  • Saint Charles Garnier
  • Saint Bernadine Realino
  • Saint Anthony Daniel
  • Saint Andrew Bobola
  • Saint Aloysius Gonzaga
  • Saint Alonso Rodriguez
  • Saint Alonso Rodriguez
  • Saint Alexander Briant
  • Saint Alberto Hurtado Cruchaga
  • Blessed William Saultemouche
  • Blessed William Ireland
  • Blessed William Harcourt
  • Blessed William Boyton
  • Blessed Vincent-Joseph le Rousseau de Rosencoat
  • Blessed Vincentius Kaun
  • Blessed Vincent de Cunha
  • Blessed Vicente Sales Genovés
  • Blessed Tomàs Sitjar Fortiá
  • Blessed Thomas Whitbread
  • Blessed Thomas Tsuji
  • Blessed Thomas Holland
  • Blessed Thomas Cottam
  • Blessed Thomas Akahoshi
  • Blessed Simon Yempo
  • Blessed Simão Lopes
  • Blessed Simão da Costa
  • Blessed Sebastianus Kimura
  • Blessed Rudolph Aquaviva
  • Blessed Roger Filcock
  • Blessed Robert-François Guérin du Rocher
  • Blessed Robert Middleton
  • Blessed René-Marie Andrieux
  • Blessed Ramón Grimaltos Monllor
  • Blessed Ralph Corby
  • Blessed Ralph Ashley
  • Blessed Pierre-Michel Guérin du Rocher
  • Blessed Petrus Sanpo
  • Blessed Petrus Rinsei
  • Blessed Peter Wright
  • Blessed Peter Paul Navarro
  • Blessed Pere Gelabert Amer
  • Blessed Pedro Nunes
  • Blessed Pedro de Fontoura
  • Blessed Paulus Shinsuke
  • Blessed Pau Bori Puig
  • Blessed Nicolau Dinis
  • Blessed Narcis Basté y Basté
  • Blessed Miguel Carvalho
  • Blessed Miguel Agustin Pro
  • Blessed Michel-François de la Gardette
  • Blessed Michaël Tozo
  • Blessed Michaël Sato Shunpo
  • Blessed Michaël Nakashima Saburoemon
  • Blessed Mathurin-Nicolas de la VilleCrohain le Bous de Villeneuve
  • Blessed Marcos Caldeira
  • Blessed Manuel Rodrigues
  • Blessed Manuel Pacheco
  • Blessed Manuel Fernandes
  • Blessed Manuel Alvares
  • Blessed Luís Rodrigues
  • Blessed Luís Correia
  • Blessed Ludovicus Kawara Rokuemon
  • Blessed Loup Thomas-Bonnotte
  • Blessed Leonardus Kimura
  • Blessed Julian Maunoir
  • Blessed Juan de Zafra
  • Blessed Juan de San Martín
  • Blessed Juan de Mayorga
  • Blessed Juan Bautista Ferreres Boluda
  • Blessed Joseph Imbert
  • Blessed Josep Tarrats Comaposada
  • Blessed John Sullivan
  • Blessed John Nelson
  • Blessed John Gavan
  • Blessed John Gaspard Cratz
  • Blessed John Fenwick
  • Blessed John Cornelius
  • Blessed John Bathe
  • Blessed John Baptist Machado de Tavora
  • Blessed João Fernandes
  • Blessed João Fernandes
  • Blessed Jerome de Angelis
  • Blessed Jean-Nicolas Cordier
  • Blessed Jean-François-Marie Benoît-Vourlat
  • Blessed Jean-Antoine Seconds
  • Blessed Jean Charton de Millou
  • Blessed Jan Beyzym
  • Blessed Jacques-Jules Bonnaud
  • Blessed Jacques Salès
  • Blessed Jacques Friteyre-Durvé
  • Blessed Iulianus Nakaura
  • Blessed Iõao
  • Blessed Ioannes Kisaku
  • Blessed Ioannes Chugoku
  • Blessed Ignatius de Azevedo
  • Blessed Gundisalvus Fusai Chozo
  • Blessed Gundisalvus Fusai Chozo
  • Blessed Guillaume-Antoine Delfaut
  • Blessed Gregorio Escribano
  • Blessed Gonçalo Henriques
  • Blessed Giovanni Fausti
  • Blessed Giovanni Battista Zola
  • Blessed Gaspar Sadamatsu
  • Blessed Gaspar Alvares
  • Blessed François-Hyacinthe lé Livec de Trésurin
  • Blessed François Varheilhe-Duteil
  • Blessed François Balmain
  • Blessed Francisco Pérez Godoy
  • Blessed Francisco Pacheco
  • Blessed Francisco de Magalhães
  • Blessed Francisco Alvares
  • Blessed Francis Page
  • Blessed Fernando Sánchez
  • Blessed Esteban Zuraire
  • Blessed Emmanuel d’Abreu
  • Blessed Éloy Herque du Roule
  • Blessed Edward Oldcorne
  • Blessed Edmund Daniel
  • Blessed Dominic Collins
  • Blessed Domingos Fernandes
  • Blessed Dionysius Fugixima
  • Blessed Diogo Pires Mimoso
  • Blessed Diogo de Andrade
  • Blessed Diego Luis de San Vitores-Alonso
  • Blessed Diego Carvalho
  • Blessed Didacus Yuki Ryosetsu
  • Blessed Dario Hernández Morató
  • Blessed Constantino Carbonell Sempere
  • Blessed Claude-François Gagnières des Granges
  • Blessed Claude-Antoine-Raoul Laporte
  • Blessed Claude Cayx-Dumas
  • Blessed Charles-Jéremie Bérauld du Pérou
  • Blessed Charles-François le Gué
  • Blessed Charles Spinola
  • Blessed Carlo Spinola
  • Blessed Camillus Costanzo
  • Blessed Brás Ribeiro
  • Blessed Bernardo Francisco de Hoyos Seña
  • Blessed Bento de Castro
  • Blessed Bartholomew Alvarez
  • Blessed Baltasar de Torres Arias
  • Blessed Augustine Ota
  • Blessed Antony Ixida
  • Blessed Antonius Kyuni
  • Blessed António Soares
  • Blessed Antônio Fernandes
  • Blessed António Correia
  • Blessed Anthony Turner
  • Blessed Anthony Baldinucci
  • Blessed Anne-Alexandre-Charles-Marie Lanfant
  • Blessed André Gonçalves
  • Blessed Ambrose Fernandez
  • Blessed Amaro Vaz
  • Blessed Álvaro Borralho Mendes
  • Blessed Alphonsus Pacheco
  • Blessed Alonso de Baena
  • Blessed Alfredo Simón Colomina
  • Blessed Aleixo Delgado

Other Saints of the Day for November 5 2024

  • Trofimena of Sicily
  • Tigrino of Rome
  • Holy Relics
  • Beatrice of Swabia

Catholic Saint Feast Days in November

Catholic Saint of the Day

List of Saints Whose Feast Day is November 5 - Catholic Saint of the Day
List of Saints Whose Feast Day is November 5 2024 – Catholic Saint of the Day

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