Saint of the Day for October 18

Today is Tuesday, June 6, 2023

This is the Saint of the Day list of Saints and Blesseds whose feast day falls on October 18 every year.

👉 Saint Luke the Evangelist

Saint Peter of Alcantara

Saint Justus of Beauvais

Blessed Burchard I of Halberstadt

Blessed Theobald of Narbonne

Saint Amabilis of Auvergne

Saint Proculus of Pozzuoli

Saint Eutychius of Pozzuoli

Blessed Domenico of Perpignano

Blessed Alfredo Almunia López-Teruel

Saint Acutius of Pozzuoli

Saint Monon of Nassogne

Saint Gwen of Tagarth

Saint Cadwaladr of Brittany

St Cadwaladr of Brittany was the spiritual student of Saint Cadoc of Llancarvan.

He helped found the monastery on the island of Morbihan, now modern-day Ile de Saint-Cado in Armorica, Brittany, France. He served as its abbot.

Saint Tryphonia of Rome

St Tryphonia of Rome was also known as Tryfonia. She was a widow and the mother of Saint Cyrilla of Rome in the third century AD. She died as a martyr in Rome, Italy. Her relics were enshrined by Pope Paul I.

Saint Asclepiades of Antioch

St Asclepiades was the Bishop of Antioch in 211 AD. Due to the trials he underwent as a bishop, he is sometimes listed as a martyr. In 217 AD, he died of natural causes.

Blessed Margherita Tornielli

Blessed Margherita Tornielli was a Poor Clare nun born in Novara, Italy.

In 1491, he died of natural causes in Novara, Italy.

Saint Julian the Hermit

St Julian was a hermit in the fourth-century with a cell near Edessa, Mesopotamia. He was also a hermit on Mount Sinai.

Saint Gwen

St Gwen was a widow who was the mother of Saint Cyby and Saint Cadfan, the sister of Saint Nonna and Aunt of Saint David of Wales.

Saint Brothen

St Brothen was born in the sixth century. He is the patron saint of Llanbrothen, Wales.

Saint Gwendoline

St Gwendoline was also known as Gwedolen, Gwynnin

Martyrs of Africa

The Martyrs of Africa are a group of Christians martyred together in 300 AD in Africa. 

Their names are;

  • Beresus
  • Dasius
  • Faustinus
  • Leucius
  • Lucius
  • Martialis
  • Victoricus
  • Victrix
  • Viktor

Other Saints Celebrated Today

  • Servatius of Lairvelz
  • Raso Goetghebue
  • Lupus of Soissons
  • Illogan of Cornwall
  • Francis of Boullonay
  • Amabile of Rium

Catholic Saint of the Day

Catholic Saint Feast Days in October

List of Saints Whose Feast Day is October 18 - Catholic Saint of the Day
List of Saints Whose Feast Day is October 18 – Catholic Saint of the Day

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