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Saint of the Day for October 31

This is the Saint of the Day list of Saints and Blesseds whose feast day falls on October 31 every year.

Saint Alonso Rodriguez

Saint Foillan of Fosses

Blessed Thomas Bellacci

Saint Wolfgang of Ratisbon

Blessed Irene Stefani

Saint María Isabel Salvat Romero

Saint Quentin

Blessed Dominic Collins

Blessed Christopher of Romagna

Saint Ampliatus

Saint Narcissus

Saint Urban

Blessed Leon Nowakowski

Blessed Miguel Tiu Imul

Blessed Maria de Requesens

Saint Epimachus of Melusio

Blessed Pilar Isabel Sénchez Suérez

Saint Lucilla of Rome

Blessed Modesta Moro Briz

Saint Apelles of Eraclea Sintica

Saint Stachys of Constantinople

Saint Antoninus of Milan

Saint Erth of Cornwall

St Erth of Cornwall was also known as Herygh or Urith. He was irish born and the brother of Saint Uny and Saint Ia. He was an evangelist in Cornwall where the village of Saint Erth is named in his honour. He died in the 6th century.

Saint Arnulf of Novalesa

St Arnulf of Novalesa was a Benedictine monk at Novalesa Abbey, Piedmont, Italy. He was martyred in 840 AD by Saracens.

Saint Notburga of Cologne

St Notburga of Cologne was a Benedictine nun at the convent of Saint Mary, Cologne, Germany. She died in 714 AD.

Saint Begu of Hackness

St Begu of Hackness was a nun at Hackness, Yorkshire, England. She died
in 660 AD.

Blessed Miguel Tiu Imul

Blessed Miguel Tiu Imul was born on September 5 1941 in La Montaña, Parraxtut, Sacapulas, Quiché, Guatemala.

He was a married layman of the diocese of Quiché, Guatemala.

He was the director of Catholic Action and served as a catechist. He was murdered on October 31 1991, and died as a martyr in Parraxtut, Sacapulas, Quiché, Guatemala by Guatemalan government troops.

On January 23 2020, he was venerated by Pope Francis through a decree of martyrdom.

List of Saints Whose Feast Day is October 31 - Catholic Saint of the Day
List of Saints Whose Feast Day is October 31 – Catholic Saint of the Day

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