Saint of the Day for October 9 2023

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Today is Friday, September 29, 2023

This is the Saint of the Day list of Saints and Blesseds whose feast day is October 9 2023.

👉 Saint John Henry Newman

👉 Saint Denis, Bishop and Companions, Martyrs

👉 Saint John Leonardi, Priest

Saint Publia

Saint Louis Bertrand

Saint Donnino of Città di Castello

Abraham the Patriarch

Saint Domninus

Blessed Gunther

Saint Deusdedit of Montecassino

Saint Andronicus of Antioch

Saint Gislenus

Blessed Bernard of Rodez

Saint Athanasia of Antioch

St Athanasia of Antioch was a ninth-century laywoman in Antioch, Syria. She was married to St Andronicus of Antioch and became a mother of two.

After the death of their children, Athanasia and Andronicus agreed to live separately as hermits in upper Egypt. They both made multiple pilgrimages to Jerusalem.

Saint Eleutherius and Saint Rusticus

St Eleutherius and St Rusticus were a priest and a deacon who were tortured, beheaded, and died as martyrs together with Saint Denis at Montmartre (Mount of martyrs) in 258 AD.

Saint Demetrius of Alexandria

St Demetrius was a Patriarch of Alexandria, Egypt from 188 AD and served for 43 years.

He Supported the catechetical school of Alexandria and appointed Origen as director of the school in 203 AD. He would later exile Origen for being ordained without permission.

In 231 AD, he died of natural causes.

Saint Sabinus of the Lavedan

St Sabinus of the Lavedan was also known as Apostle of the Lavedan or Savin of the Lavedan. He was born in Barcelona, Spain.

He was educated in Poitiers, France, and became a Benedictine monk at Liguge. He also became an Evangelist to the Lavedan in the Pyrenees in France. Finally, he became a hermit and died in 820 AD.

Blessed Aaron of Cracow

Blessed Aaron of Cracow was a monk at Cluny Abbey, France. He was a spiritual student of Saint Odilo of Cluny.

He was the first abbot of the Benedictine abbey at Tyniec, Poland, and also the first archbishop of Cracow, Poland after he was ordained in 1046 AD.

On May 15 1059, he died of natural causes.

Saint Dorotheus of Alexandria

St Dorotheus of Alexandria was a confessor of the faith. For remaining loyal to orthodox Christianity, he was constantly abused by Arian heretics. In 373 AD, he died of natural causes in Alexander, Egypt.

Saint Goswin

St Goswin was born in Douai, France. He studied in Paris, France, and taught theology in Douai, France. He became a Benedictine monk at Anchin Abbey in 1113 AD and later the Abbot at Anchin 1130 AD.

He died of natural causes in 1165 AD.

Saint Alfanus of Salerno

Saint Alfanus of Salerno was a Benedictine monk at Monte Cassino Abbey. He became the Archbishop of Salerno, Italy, and Assisted Pope Saint Gregory VII on his deathbed. He died in 1085 AD. 

Saint Geminus

St Geminus was a monk at Sanpaterniano de Fano, Narni, Umbria, Italy. He is claimed by both the Basilians and Benedictines and is the patron saint of San Gemini, Italy. He died in 815 AD.

Saint Valerius

St Valerius was also known as Bellère or Beriher. He was the spiritual student of Saint Gislenus in Belgium and France. He died in 680 AD.

Saint Lambert

St Lambert was a spiritual student of St Gislenus in Belgium and France. He died in 680 AD.

Martyrs of Laodicea

Martyrs of Laodicea were the three Christians who were martyred together in Laodicea, Syria

Their names are;

  • Didymus
  • Diodorus
  • Diomedes

Nine Martyrs of Astoria

The Nine Martyrs of Astoria are also known as Martyrs of Turon. They were a group of Brothers of the Christian Schools and a Passionist priest who were martyred on October 9 1934 in Turón, Spain during the persecutions in the Spanish Civil War.

On November 21 1999, they were canonized by Pope John Paul II.

Their names are;

  • Aniceto Adolfo
  • Augusto Andrés
  • Benito de Jesús
  • Benjamín Julián
  • Cirilo Bertrán
  • Inocencio de la Immaculada
  • Julián Alfredo
  • Marciano José
  • Victoriano Pío

Other Saints of the Day for October 9 2023

  • Monks of Lecceto
  • Emmanuela Teresa of Bavaria
  • Hector Antonius Valdivielso Sáez
  • Oda of Parey
  • Robert of Mariënweerd

Catholic Saint of the Day

Catholic Saint Feast Days in October

List of Saints Whose Feast Day is October 9 - Catholic Saint of the Day
List of Saints Whose Feast Day is October 9 2023 – Catholic Saint of the Day

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