Saint of the Day for September 22 2023

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Today is Saturday, September 30, 2023

This is the Saint of the Day list of Saints and Blesseds whose feast day is September 22 2023.

👉 Saint Ignatius of Santhia

Saint Maurice

Saint Settimio of Jesi

Saint Gunthildis of Suffersheim

Saint Lauto of Coutances

Saint Sadalberga

Blessed Giovanni Battista Bonetti

Saint Emmeramus of Regensburg

Saint Augustinus Yu Chin-Kil

Blessed Joseph Marchandon

Saint Florentius the Venerable

Saints Digna and Emerita of Rome

Saints Digna and Emerita of Rome were consecrated virgins which was an early version of a nun.

In 259 AD, they were taken to court for the crime of Christianity. They just stood in front of the judge and prayed.

They were martyred in Rome, Italy during the persecutions of Valerian. Their relics were enshrined in the church of Saint Marcellus in Rome

Blessed Otto of Freising

Blessed Otto was a Cistercian monk, Priest and the Bishop of Freising, Germany.

He adopted the Gregorian reforms for his diocese. He wore the Cistercian habit and attended to all his duties as a monk as well as bishop throughout his episcopacy.

In 1158 AD, he died of natural causes at the Cistercian monastery of Morimond, France.

Blessed Alfonso da Cusco

Blessed Alfonso da Cusco was a Mercedarian lay brother at the convent of San Giovanni Laterano in Arequipa, Peru. He was renown as a miracle worker and for his piety.

Saint Basilia

In 300 AD, St Basilia was beheaded and martyred on the Via Salaria, Rome, Italy during the persecutions of Diocletian.

It is said that seven healing springs appeared, each from every point the severed head touched at the place of execution.

Saint Jonas

St Jonas was also known as Yon. He was a disciple of Saint Dionysius of Paris. He became a priest and evangelized near Paris, France.

He was flogged and stabbed with a sword and died as a martyr in Paris, France by order of the Roman prefect Julian in the 3rd century.

Saint Sanctinus of Meaux

St Sanctinus of Meaux was a spiritual student of Saint Denis of Paris. He was the first bishop of Meaux, France. He died in 300 AD.

Saint Irais

Saint Irais was also known as Herais or Rhais. He was Egyptian born. In 300 AD, he was beheaded and died as a martyr during the persecutions of Diocletian.

Saint Silvanus of Levroux

St Silvanus of Levroux was also known as Silouan or Silvano. He was an early saint who has been venerated for a long time in Levroux, France.

Saint Lindru of Partois

St Lindru of Partois was a nun in Partois, France.

Martyrs of the Theban Legion

The Martyrs of the Theban Legion were a Roman imperial legion of 6,600 soldiers. All of them were Christians who had been recruited from the area around Thebes in Upper Egypt. They served under Emperor Maximian Herculeus and were led by Saint Maurice.

Around the year 287 AD, Emperor Maximian led this army across the Alps to Agaunum, an area in modern Switzerland, so as to suppress a rebellion by the Bagandre in Gaul.

During this battle, the whole army, except the Theban Legion, offered public sacrifices to the Roman gods. For refusing to sacrifice, the Theban Legion was decimated – one-tenth of them were executed.

The remaining soldiers also refused to sacrifice to the gods, they were decimated again. The remaining survivors also refused to sacrifice and ultimately, Emperor Maximian ordered them all of them to be killed.

All these took place in 287 AD in Agaunum in modern-day Saint-Maurice-en-Valais, Switzerland. Consequently, a basilica was built in Agaunum to enshrine the relics of the Legion

Known members of the Legion include

  • Vitalis of Agaunum
  • Victor the Theban
  • Victor of Xanten
  • Victor of Cologne
  • Victor of Agaunum
  • Ursus the Theban
  • Secundus the Theban
  • Sebastian of Agaunum
  • Maurice
  • Martiniano of Pecco
  • Innocent of Agaunum
  • Fortunato
  • Exuperius
  • Chiaffredo of Saluzzo
  • Candidus the Theban
  • Alverius of Agaunum
  • Alexander of Bergamo

Other profiled saints associated with the Legion include

  • Verena (wife of a member of the Legion)
  • Tiberio of Pinerolo (may have been a member)
  • Solutor of Turin (not a member; associated by later storytellers)
  • Secundus of Asti (not a member, but linked due to artwork)
  • Pons of Pradleves (escaped the massacre to become an evangelist in northern Italy)
  • Octavius of Turin (not a member; associated by later storytellers)
  • Matthew of Gravedona sul Lario (may have been a member)
  • Gusmeo of Gravedona sul Lario (may have been a member)
  • Gereon (not a member, but another soldier who was martyred for refusing to make a sacrifice to Roman gods)
  • George of San Giorio (not a member; associated by later storytellers)
  • Florentius the Martyr (may have been a member)
  • Cassius (may have been a member)
  • Bessus
  • Attilio of Trino (martyred soldier; associated by some, but not all, later lists)
  • Antoninus of Piacenza (martyred soldier; associated by later storytellers)
  • Adventor of Turin (not a member; associated by later storytellers)

Martyrs of the Spanish Civil War

These are the names of some of the thousands of people who were murdered from 1934 to 1939, during the anti-Catholic persecutions of the Spanish Civil War. 

Their names are;

  • Blessed Vicente Sicluna Hernández
  • Blessed SimĂłn Miguel RodrĂ­guez
  • Blessed Ramon Rius Camps<
  • Blessed Modesto Allepuz Vera
  • Blessed Miguel Zarragua IturrĂ­zaga
  • Blessed MarĂ­a PurificaciĂłn Vidal Pastor
  • Blessed Luis EchevarrĂ­a Gorostiaga
  • Blessed Juan GarcĂ­a Cervantes
  • Blessed Josefina MoscardĂł Montalvá
  • Blessed JosĂ© Ardil Lázaro
  • Blessed Germán Gozalvo Andreu
  • Blessed Francisco Vicente Edo
  • Blessed Francisco CarlĂ©s González
  • Blessed FĂ©lix EchevarrĂ­a Gorostiaga
  • Blessed Federico Cobo-Sanz
  • Blessed Esteban Cobo-Sanz
  • Blessed Enrique Pedro Gonzálvez Andreu
  • Blessed Diego Morata Cano
  • Blessed Carlos Navarro Miquel
  • Blessed Antonio Sáez de Ibarra LĂłpez
  • Blessed Antonio Gil-Monforte
  • Blessed Alfonso Lopez

Other Saints of the Day for September 22 2023

  • Martyrs of Valencia, Spain
Saints Whose Feast Day is September 22 - Catholic Saint of the Day
Saints Whose Feast Day is September 22 2023 – Catholic Saint of the Day

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