Saint of the Day for September 8 2024

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Today is Monday, May 13, 2024

This is the Saint of the Day list of Saints and Blesseds whose feast day is September 8 2024.

👉 Birth of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Our Lady of Charity of El Cobre

Saint Thomas of Villanova

Saint Corbinian

Pope Saint Sergius I

Blessed Antoine-Frédéric Ozanam

Saint Isaac the Great

Blessed Seraphina Sforza

Blessed Apolonia Lizárraga Ochoa de Zabalegui

Saint Disibod of Disenberg

Blessed Pascual Fortuño Almela

Blessed Plácido García Gilabert

Blessed Marino Blanes Giner

Blessed Alfredo Pellicer Muñoz

Our Lady of Meritxell

Blessed Alanus de Rupe

Blessed Wladyslaw Bladzinski

Blessed Thomas Palaser

Saint Ethelburgh of Kent

Saint István Pongrácz

Saint Adela of Messines

Blessed John Talbot

Blessed John Norton

Blessed Adam Bargielski

Blessed Peter of Chavanon

Saint Kingsmark

Saint Faustus of Antioch

St Faustus died as a martyr in Antioch in modern-day Turkey.

Saint Timothy of Antioch

St Timothy died as a martyr in Antioch in modern-day Turkey.

Martyrs of Alexandria

The Martyrs of Alexandria were a group of Egyptian Christians martyred together in Alexandria, Egypt during the persecutions of Diocletian.

Their names are;

  • Ammon
  • Dio
  • Faustus
  • Neoterius
  • Theophilus

Martyrs of Japan

The Martyrs of Japan are a group of 21 missionaries and converts who were on September 8 1628, in Nagasaki, Japan executed together for their faith.

On May 7 1867, they were beatified by Pope Pius IX.

Their names are;

  • Thomas Tomachi
  • Thomas of Saint Hyacinth
  • Romanus Aibara
  • Paulus Tomachi
  • Paulus Aibara Sandayu
  • MichaĂ«l Yamada Kasahashi
  • MichaĂ«l Tomachi
  • Matthaeus Alvarez Anjin
  • Ludovicus Nihachi
  • Lucia Ludovica
  • Leo Aibara
  • Laurentius Yamada
  • Ioannes Tomachi
  • Ioannes Imamura
  • Franciscus Nihachi
  • Francisco Castellet Vinale
  • Dominicus Tomachi
  • Dominicus of Saint Francis
  • Dominicus Nihachi
  • Antonio of Saint Dominic
  • Antonio of Saint Bonaventure

Martyrs of the Spanish Civil War

These are the names of some of the thousands of people who were murdered from 1934 to 1939, during the anti-Catholic persecutions of the Spanish Civil War. 

Their names are;

  • Blessed TomĂ s Capdevila Miquel
  • Blessed Segimon SagalĂ©s Vilá
  • Blessed Pascual Fortuño Almela
  • Blessed Miguel Beato Sánchez
  • Blessed Marino Blanes Giner
  • Blessed Mamerto Carchano y Carchano
  • Blessed Josep Padrell Navarro
  • Blessed Josefa Ruano GarcĂ­a
  • Blessed Ismael Escrihuela Esteve
  • Blessed Eusebio Alonso Uyarra
  • Blessed Dolores Puig Bonany
  • Blessed Bonifacio RodrĂ­guez González
  • Blessed Apolonia Lizárraga Ochoa de Zabalegui
  • Blessed Adrián Saiz y Saiz

Other Saints of the Day for September 8 2024

  • Our Lady of Valldeflors
  • Our Lady of Ripalta
  • Our Lady of Health of Vailankanni
  • Our Lady of Covadonga
  • Madonna della Libera
Saints Whose Feast Day is September 8 - Catholic Saint of the Day
Saints Whose Feast Day is September 8 2024 – Catholic Saint of the Day

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