St Romanus of Le Mans – Feast Day – November 24

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St Romanus of Le Mans Profile. Born: Late 3rd Century in Italy, Europe. Worked in France. Died: 385 AD in Blaye, France. Feast Day is celebrated on November 24.

St Romanus of Le Mans Biography
Date of Birth Late 3rd Century
Country of Birth Italy in Europe
Place of Work France
Date of Death 385 AD
Place of Death Blaye, France
Feast Day November 24
Canonization Pre-Congregation
Patron Saint of against shipwreck

Saint Romanus of Le Mans Biography

St Romanus of Le Mans was also known as Romanus of Bordeaux. He was brought over the Alps to LeMans by his uncle, Saint Julian, preacher diocesan of the territory, who appointed him.

Evangelist to the zone around the stream Gironde. Noted for being in reverse, modest, contemplative, and a lousy minister, regardless he made proselytes in a steady progression, recuperating, exorcising evil spirits, and discreetly carrying the Gospel to the agnostics. Worked particularly with the mariners of the zone.

At the point when Julian passed on, Romanus came back to LeMans to grieve and to think about his uncle’s tomb. Other individuals were covered close-by so as to be almost a holy person, and a gathering of priests committed to thinking about the graves, and who considered themselves the Grave-Diggers grew up around the churchyard.

Romanus went along with them and spent the remainder of his days thinking about the tombs, carrying the unwavering to their last resting spot, and carrying the solace of the confidence to the grievers.

St. Romanus of Le Mans
St. Romanus of Le Mans

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