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Saint Simon the Zealot, Apostle – Feast Day – October 28

The Feast of Saint Simon the Zealot, Apostle

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Today’s Readings – Year B

Saint Simon the Apostle brief life History

Date of Birth 1st century AD
Country of Birth Israel in Asia
Profession Apostles of Jesus
Place of Work Mesopotamia, Egypt Persia
Date of Death 1st century AD
Place of Death Persia, Iran
Feast Day October 28
Beatification By Pre-Congregation
Canonization By Pre-Congregation
Patron Saint of Desperate Situations

Saint Simon the Apostle Life History

Simon was a simple Galilean, called by Our Lord to be one of the pillars of His Church. Zelotes, “the zealot,” was the surname which he bore among the disciples. Armed with this zeal he went forth to the combat against unbelief and sin, and made conquest of many souls for His divine Lord.

The apostle Jude, is so named by Luke and Acts. Matthew and Mark call him Thaddeus. The Church commemorates on the same day, was a brother of St. James the Less. They were called “brethren of the Lord,” on account of their relationship to His Blessed Mother. St. Jude preached first in Mesopotamia, as St. Simon did in Egypt; and finally they both met in Persia, where they won their crown together.

Today’s Saint Simon the Apostle Quote:

As in the case of all the apostles except for Peter, James and John, we are faced with men who are really unknown, and we are struck by the fact that their holiness is simply taken to be a gift of Christ. He chose some unlikely people: a former Zealot, a former (crooked) tax collector, an impetuous fisherman, two “sons of thunder,” and a man named Judas Iscariot. It is a reminder that we cannot receive too often. Holiness does not depend on human merit, culture, personality, effort, or achievement. It is entirely God’s creation and gift. God needs no Zealots to bring about the kingdom by force. Jude, like all the saints, is the saint of the impossible: Only God can create his divine life in human beings. And God wills to do so, for all of us.

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