St Victor Maurus – Feast Day – May 8

Today is Thursday, March 23, 2023

St Victor Maurus was born in the 3rd Century in Mauretania, Africa and died in 303 AD in Milan, Italy. We celebrate his feast day on May 8 every year in the Catholic Church.

St Victor Maurus Brief Life History

Date of Birth 3rd century
Place of Birth Mauritania in Africa
Profession Soldier in the Roman Praetorian Guard
Place of Work Milan, Italy
Date of Death 303 AD
Place of Death Milan, Italy
Feast Day May 8
Canonization Pre-Congregation
Patron Saint of
  • Varese, Italy
  • Ceriano Laghetto, Italy

St Victor Maurus is the Patron Saint of

• Asigliano, Italy
• Balangero, Italy
• Borghetto, Italy
• Canale, Italy
• Caselle Torinese, Italy
• Feletto, Italy
• Odolengo, Italy
• Quagliuzzo, Italy
• Rho, Italy
• San Vittore Olona, Italy
• Varese, Italy
• Verbania, Italy

Saint Victor Maurus Short Life History

Saint Victor Maurus is also known as
• Victor the Moor
• Viktor; Vittore; Vittorio

• He was a soldier in the Roman Praetorian Guard.
• He was a Christian from his youth, Victor lived in quiet praise of God.
• Around 303, the elderly Victor was arrested in Milan, Italy in the persecutions of Maximian.
• He was tortured for his faith, basted in molten lead, and killed.
• He was a Martyr.
• Saint Gregory of Tours wrote of miracles that occurred at Victor’s grave.

Today’s Catholic Quote:

Saint Victor Maurus was born in the 3rd century in Mauritania, Africa and died by being beheaded in 303. He was buried outside Milan, Italy. A church was later erected over the grave and relics translated in 1576 to an Olivetan church dedicated to him in Milan

Saint Victor Maurus
Saint Victor Maurus

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