Blessed Sandra Sabattini – Feast Day – May 2

Today is Saturday, January 28, 2023

Blessed Sandra (Alessandra) Sabattini was an Italian laywoman who had devoted herself to helping the poor and disabled. She was born on August 19 1961 in Riccione, Rimini, Italy, and killed by a passing car in Bologna, Italy on May 2 1984 at the age of 22. We celebrate her feast day on May 2 every year in the Catholic Church.

Blessed Sandra Sabattini Biography
Blessed Sandra Sabattini - Feast Day - May 2
Alessandra Sabattini – Feast Day – May 2
Date of Birth August 19 1961
Place of Birth Riccione, Rimini, Italy
Profession Helper of the Poor and the sick
Place of Work Italy
Date of Death May 2 1984
Place of Death Bologna, Italy
Feast Day May 2
Beatification By Cardinal Marcello Semeraro on October 24 2021 at the Cathedral of San Francesco, Rimini, Italy
Patron Saint of Youth

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