Monday, December 5, 2022

Sorry! Our Facebook Page is Hacked! To block it, Report it to Facebook! Thanks.

Hi my fellow Catholic Christians. We are sorry to announce that our Facebook Page, Catholic Daily Readings, Reflections and Prayers has been compromised through the account of one of our Admins.

His Admin account was accessed by his enemy who removed all of us as admins and thereafter started posting lascivious and immoral content in the stories section.

We are working very hard with Facebook to recover the Page back to our control, although it is proving very difficult. Anyone with a way of helping us is welcome. Or you can report the page to Facebook for blocking.

We are very sorry for this unfortunate turn of events. Bear with us. We know that many people will be offended and discouraged by the obscene posts, but the Almighty God will be with us and give us the fortitude to bear this sad situation.

Meanwhile, to continue our evangelization, we have opened a new Facebook Page. We encourage you to follow the link, like us and continue with God’s conversation. Thank you and God bless you all.

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