St Antoninus of Florence – Feast Day – May 2

Today is Saturday, January 28, 2023

St Antoninus of Florence was born on March 1 1389 in Italy, Europe and worked in Italy. He died on May 2 1459 in Italy. We celebrate his Feast Day on May 2 every year in the Catholic Church.

St Antoninus of Florence Biography
Date of Birth March 1 1389
Place of Birth Italy in Europe
Profession Archbishop
Place of Work Italy
Date of Death May 2 1459
Place of Death Italy
Feast Day May 2
Canonization Canonized by Pope Adrian VI on May 31 1523
Patron Saint of  
Saint Antonius of Florence
St. Antonius of Florence

St Antoninus of Florence Life History

St Antoninus of Florence was born on March 1, 1389, Florence, Italy. In 1450 the youthful Anthony was received into the Dominican Order at sixteen years old and given the religious administration of various houses of his Order by the Blessed John Dominici.

From 1433 to 1446 Antoninus filled in as vicar of the Congregation. In this office, he was engaged with the foundation of the Priory of St. Mark in Florence. The monastery’s cells, including one for Cosimo de’ Medici, were painted in frescos by Fra Angelico and his aides. 

Antoninus was sanctified Archbishop of Florence on March 13, 1446, at the Dominican monastery in Fiesole, by Pope Eugene IV. He came to win the regard and love of his kin, particularly by his energy and the asset in fighting the impacts of the plague and seismic tremor in 1448 and 1453.


St Antoninus passed on May 2 1459, and Pope Pius II directed his burial service. The pope happened to be on his way to the Council of Mantua when he had about the archbishop’s demise. The archbishop’s desire was that he be buried at the priory which he had established in the city.

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