St Zoe of Pamphylia – Feast Day – May 2

Today is Friday, February 3, 2023

St. Zoe of Pamphylia Profile. Born: unknown in Turkey, Europe. Worked in Turkey. Died: 127 AD in Turkey. Feast Day is celebrated on May 2.

St Zoe of Pamphylia

Date of Birth unknown
Country of Birth Turkey in Europe
Profession missionary
Place of Work Turkey
Date of Death 127 AD
Place of Death Turkey
Feast Day May 2
Canonization Pre-Congregation
Saint Zoe of Pamphylia
St. Zoe of Pamphylia

Saint’s Biography

Saint Zoe of Pamphylia was married to Saint Exuperius. She was the mother of Saint Cyriacus and Saint Theodulus. Her family were Slave owned by a rich, devout worshiper of the ancient Roman gods in Attalia, Pamphylia. St. Zoe’s job was to tend the house dogs and prevent them from biting visitors. She rarely saw her husband as he worked the fields far from the house. One pagan feast day, her family was given meat to sacrifice to an idol. They refused, and the entire family was tortured and murdered. 


Burned to death 127 AD.

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