The Holy Week Crossword Puzzle

Today is Wednesday, May 31, 2023

Use your knowledge about Catholic Liturgy to solve this Holy Week Crossword Puzzle.

This Holy Week puzzle tests whether you know the Catholic Liturgy and what happens during the Holy Week and what we are obligated to do during this very important time of the Church calendar.

To get started, just click on a box in the Holy Week Crossword Puzzle.


Solving this Holy Week crossword puzzle can pose a significant difficulty, but there are a few tactics that can be utilized to make the task easier.

The initial stage is to thoroughly review all the clues, taking note of any words that come to mind right away.

It can also be helpful to fill in any answers that are clearly indicated by intersecting words.

As the puzzle starts to take shape, it becomes easier to make educated guesses about the answers to more difficult clues.

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