The Works I perform Testify That the Father Has Sent Me – John 5:31-47

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Today is Sunday, July 14, 2024

March 14 2024: Bible Verse of the Day – Thursday of the Fourth Week of Lent – The Works I perform Testify That the Father Has Sent Me – John 5:31-47

36 But I have testimony greater than John’s. The works that the Father gave me to accomplish, these works that I perform testify on my behalf that the Father has sent me.
37 Moreover, the Father who sent me has testified on my behalf. But you have never heard his voice nor seen his form – John 5:31-47

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Thursday of the Fourth Week of Lent

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Today’s Bible Verse of the Day Reflections

In this passage, Jesus presents a compelling case for his authority and divine nature. He starts by acknowledging that human testimony alone is not sufficient to establish his credibility.

Instead, he points to the various witnesses that testify on his behalf, including John the Baptist, the works that he performs, and ultimately, the Scriptures themselves.

The testimony of John the Baptist serves as an important endorsement of Jesus’ identity. Although John was a respected figure, Jesus didn’t rely solely on human testimony.

He highlights the miraculous works he performs as a divine confirmation of his authority. These miracles not only demonstrate his power but also serve as signs pointing to his true divine nature.

Furthermore, Jesus points to the Scriptures, emphasizing that they bear witness to him. He challenges the Jews to search the Scriptures and recognize the testimony within them that points to his Messiahship.

The Scriptures, which they held in high regard, were meant to guide them to recognize and accept Jesus as the promised Messiah.

However, Jesus confronts the Jews for their unbelief despite the evidence before them. He accuses them of not having the love of God in their hearts and of seeking their own glory rather than seeking the glory that comes from God alone. Jesus emphasizes that Moses, whom they revered, wrote about him, and yet they do not believe his words.

The works performed by Jesus offer testimony to His mission given to Him by the Father in Heaven. Understanding this will help us to embrace our own mission in life.

First of all, let’s look at the fact that Jesus’ works offered testimony. In other words, His works spoke a message to others about who He was. The witness of His actions revealed His very essence and His union with the will of the Father.

So this begs the question, “Which works offered this testimony?” One might immediately conclude that the works Jesus was speaking of were His miracles only.

When people witnessed the miracles He performed they would have been convinced that He was sent from the Father in Heaven. Right? Not really.

The fact of the matter is that there were many who saw Jesus perform miracles and remained stubborn, refusing to accept His miracles as proof of His divinity.

Though His miracles were extraordinary and were signs to those who were willing to believe, the most profound “work” that He performed was that of His humble and genuine love. Jesus was genuine, honest, and pure of heart.

He exuded every virtue one could have. Therefore, the testimony that His ordinary actions of love, care, concern, and teaching gave were what would have won over many hearts first and foremost.

In fact, for those who were open, His miracles were, in a sense, only icing on the cake. The “cake” was His genuine presence revealing the mercy of the Father.

Performing miracles from God may not be within your ability unless you possess an extraordinary charism. However, you have the potential to serve as a witness to the Truth and share the Heart of the Father in Heaven.

This becomes possible when you humbly strive for purity of heart, allowing the Heart of the Father to radiate through your daily actions. Even the smallest act of genuine love has the power to convey profound messages to those around you.

As we reflect on this passage, it prompts us to consider the various ways in which Jesus reveals his identity to us today.

Reflect, today, upon your call to give testimony to the Father in Heaven. You are called to share the love of the Father with everyone you meet.

We are called to examine the evidence presented in the Scriptures, the testimony of those who have encountered Christ, and the transformative works of God in our lives.

Like the Jews in Jesus’ time, we are challenged to embrace the truth and allow it to shape our understanding and relationship with Christ.

The passage encourages us to seek the glory that comes from God, acknowledging Jesus as the promised Messiah and responding with faith and love.

If you embrace this mission, in great and small ways, the Gospel will be made manifest to others through you, and the will of the Father will be more fully accomplished in our world.

A Modern Tale of Spiritual Discovery

Meet Eva who is searching for meaning and truth in her life. She encounters the testimonies of believers who share their personal experiences with Jesus and the transformation they’ve undergone through their faith. These testimonies serve as a human endorsement of the power and impact of Jesus in people’s lives.

Eva also witnesses acts of kindness, compassion, and miraculous interventions in the lives of those around her, which she attributes to the workings of a higher power. These works, she believes, are signs that point to the divine nature of Jesus.

In addition to personal testimonies and observable works, Eva begins to explore the Scriptures, delving into the teachings of Jesus and the prophecies that point to him as the Messiah.

As she reads and studies the Scriptures, she discovers a coherent narrative that aligns with the testimonies she has heard and the transformative works she has witnessed.

However, despite the compelling evidence, Eva finds herself wrestling with doubt and uncertainty. She realizes that, like the Jews in Jesus’ time, she needs to confront her own unbelief and acknowledge any resistance she may have to fully embracing the truth presented to her.

In the process of reflection and introspection, Eva recognizes that her hesitation stems from a desire for personal glory and control rather than seeking the glory that comes from God alone.

She realizes that embracing the truth of Jesus requires a surrender of self and a genuine desire to seek God’s glory above all else.

Ultimately, Eva’s journey of faith mirrors the challenge presented in John 5:31-47. The testimonies, works, and Scriptures all point to the truth of Jesus, calling her to respond with faith, love, and a pursuit of God’s glory in her life.

Prayer: Lord, I pray that I act as a witness to the love flowing from Your Heart. Give me the grace to be real, genuine and sincere. Help me to become a pure instrument of Your merciful Heart so that all my works will give testimony to Your mercy. Jesus, I love You. Amen.

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The Works I perform Testify That the Father Has Sent Me - John 5:31-47 - Bible Verse of the Day
The Works I perform Testify That the Father Has Sent Me – John 5:31-47 – Bible Verse of the Day

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