Blessed Enrichetta Alfieri – Feast Day – November 23

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Blessed Enrichetta Alfieri Profile. Born: 23 February 1891 in Italy, Europe. Worked in Italy. Died: 23 November 1951 in Milan, Italy. Feast Day is celebrated on November 23.

The Memorial of Blessed Enrichetta Alfieri – Feast Day

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Date of Birth February 23 1891
Country of Birth Italy in Europe
Place of Work Italy
Date of Death November 23 1951
Place of Death Milan, Italy
Feast Day November 23
Beatification Beatified by Pope Benedict XVI on June 26 2011
Patron Saint of  

Blessed Enrichetta Alfieri Biography

Blessed Enrichetta Alfieri was also known as Sister Maria Angela. From youth Enrichetta felt a call to religious life, and joined the Sisters of Charity of Saint Joan Antida Thouret on December 20 1911.

She functioned as a kindergarten educator in Vercelli, Italy, yet was compelled to stop when she built up Pott’s illness, a type of tuberculosis of the spine, in 1917.

On February 25 1923 she was supernaturally relieved by a journey to Lourdes, France through the intervention of Mary Immaculate.

She recouped so totally that on May 24 1923 Sisters Maria Angela was sentenced to jail service at San Vittore Prison in Milan, Italy.

Her work with the detainees was an incredible achievement, and she wound up known as the Mother and Angel of San Vittore, and was named the predominant of the Sisters there in 1939.

She was there when it turned into a SS central station and jail for Jews, clerics, nuns and opposition laborers who were battling the Nazis forces of World War II.

She and the Sisters helped them by sneaking in provisions, carrying out messages and working with Church experts to mediate for the detainees, sparing numerous all the while.

On September 23 1944 a message from a detainee was captured that was chief to Enrichetta, and she was captured for spying and condemned to death or detainment in Germany.

Church authorities, including Blessed Alfredo Ildefonso Schuster, Archbishop of Milan, interceded for her, and she was moved to the Sisters’ home in Brescia, Italy where she composed a diary of her detainment.

On May 7 1945, toward the finish of the war, she was re-doled out to the San Vittore where she controlled to detainees of war – including the previous prison guards.

Saint Enrichetta Alfieri
Saint Enrichetta Alfieri

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