Blessed James Benfatti – Feast Day – November 19 2023

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Today is Friday, February 23, 2024

Blessed James Benfatti was also referred to as James Benefatti of Mantua, or Father of the Poor.

He was the Bishop of Mantua from 1303 till 1332.

He was born in the late 13th century in Mantua, Italy. He died on November 19 1332 at Mantua, Italy.

We celebrate his feast day on November 19 every year in the Catholic Church.

Blessed James Benfatti Biography
Date of Birth late 13th century AD
Place of Birth Mantua, Italy
Profession Bishop of Mantua
Place of Work Mantua, Italy
Date of Death November 19 1332
Place of Death Mantua, Italy
Feast Day November 19
Beatification By Pope Pius IX in 1859 (cultus confirmation)
Patron Saint of  

Blessed James Benfatti Life History

Blessed James Benfatti, a Dominican hailing from Mantua, Italy, was born in the late 13th century. He held the title of Doctor of Theology and served as a priest.

He shared a close friendship and brotherly bond with Nicholas Boccasino, who would later become Pope Benedict XI.

Throughout his life, James fulfilled various support roles for Nicholas, including acting as a papal legate. In 1303, he assumed the role of Bishop of Mantua.

James Benfatti gained recognition for his unwavering dedication to the poor and his compassionate care for the sick, particularly during a devastating plague outbreak.

He also took on the task of renovating his cathedral and restoring several churches. Additionally, he served as a papal legate for Pope John XXII.

He died on November 19, 1332, in Mantua, Italy. Interestingly, when his body was exhumed in both 1480 and 1604, it was found to be remarkably well-preserved, indicating a state of incorruption.

In recognition of his virtuous life, Pope Pius IX beatified him in 1859.

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