Pope Saint John I – Feast Day – May 18 2023

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Today is Friday, June 7, 2024

St John I, Pope was a native of Populonia, Tuscany, Italy.

He was the bishop of Rome and 53rd pope from August 13 523 AD until he died on May 18 526 AD in Ravenna, Italy.

After coming from a diplomatic mission to Constantinople, King Theoderic imprisoned him for allegedly conspiring with Constantinople, and he died of maltreatment and neglect.

We celebrate his feast day on May 18 every year in the Catholic Church.

Pope Saint John I Biography
Pope Saint John I - Feast Day - May 18
Pope Saint John I – Feast Day – May 18
Place of Birth Tuscany, Italy
Profession Bishop of Rome, Pope
Place of Work Rome, Italy
Date of Death May 18 526
Place of Death Ravenna, Italy
Feast Day May 18
Canonization Pre-Congregation

Saint’s Biography

When he was a deacon, John, together with others like Peter of Altinum and Laurentius, were partisan to a libellus written to Pope Symmachus in 506 AD. Later, John confessed to this felony of opposing the Pope and begged Pope Symmachus for pardon

He became a priest in Rome and on August 13 523, he was elected 53rd pope after the death of Pope Hormisdas.

During that time Italy’s ruler was Theodoric the Great, King of the Ostrogoths who was an Arian. He had no problem with the Catholics and would not interfere with their affairs.

As time went by, Theodoric started becoming suspicious of everyone because there was an alleged, coup attempt to overthrow his throne.

Theodoric the Great perceived correspondence between ranking members of the Roman Senate and Constantinople as treason.

He, therefore, organized a diplomatic delegation to Emperor Justin I in Constantinople. The delegation comprised of five Bishops and four senators and Pope John 1 as its head, but against his will.

When the pope proceeded to this mission Emperor Justin I received him cordially, warmly, and well and successfully executed Theodoric the Great’s wish.

But Theodoric got even more suspicious of the pope because of his friendliness with Emperor Justin I and thought they were plotting to overthrow him.

On his return to the capital city of Ravenna, Theodoric’s soldiers kidnapped Pope John 1 and imprisoned him. He died of maltreatment and neglect while still in custody.

Pope John 1 Birth

Pope John was a native of Populonia, Tuscany, Italy. His date of birth is not yet known.

 Pope Saint John I Death

John died of maltreatment and neglect in custody on May 18 526 in Ravenna, Ostrogothic Kingdom


Pope John was a native of Populonia, Tuscany, Italy


Pope John 1 was canonized pre-congregation

Pope John 1 Feast Day

Pope John 1 feast day is celebrated on May 18 every year

Venerated in

Pope Saint John I is venerated in the Catholic Church

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