Sunday, September 20, 2020

Prayer to St Lawrence

Oh Saint Lawrence, you who is the patron saint of the poor people in the Church, we ask you to continue praying to God for the poor people of the Church so that God’s love and the love of the humble, meek and generous people who help them, may continue inspiring and transforming them.

Lord God, we pray to You that You salvage the Church from the catastrophic ruin that may be brought by the greedy and envious people in the society and in the government. Protect the Churches rights and property so that Your work on earth of serving the needy in freedom and giving them good things for soul and body, may be done without a hitch.

Oh, Jesus Christ, we hope to join You, together with all those whom we helped on earth, in Heaven where together with the choir of Angels and Saints, will forever sing of Your Praises and Glory. Amen.

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