St Nereus of Terracina – Feast Day – May 12

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St Nereus and St Achilleus of Terracina were two Roman soldiers who served as chamberlains to Flavia Domitilla, a niece of the Roman Emperor Domitian.

They were believed to have been baptized by Saint Peter, Apostle and were known for their devout Christian faith.

Domitilla was also a Christian, and Nereus and Achilleus inspired her to consecrate her virginity to God.

However, Aurelianus, Domitilla’s fiance, was not a Christian and was angered by her decision. He reported all three of them to the Roman authorities, who then arrested and executed them for their faith.

St Nereus of Terracina Biography
St Nereus and Achilleus of Terracina, Martyrs - Feast Day - May 12
St Nereus and Achilleus of Terracina, Martyrs – Feast Day – May 12
Date of Birth 1st Century AD
Profession Roman Soldier
Place of Work Italy
Place of Death Terracina, Italy
Feast Day May 12
Canonization Pre-Congregation
Patron Saint of  

St Nereus of Terracina Biography

Nereus, Achilleus, and Domitilla are all considered martyrs for their faith, and their stories are a reminder of the persecution that Christians faced in the early days of the church.

Nereus and Achilleus were first banished to the island of Ponza (Pontia). They were later beheaded in Terracina.

Their bodies were buried on an estate owned by Flavia Domitilla near the Via Ardeatina, close to the tomb of Saint Petronilla.

On May 12th, the Tridentine Calendar commemorated a combined feast (with a semidouble rank) for St Nereus, St Achilleus, and St Pancras.

In 1595, the name of Domitilla was added to the celebration. This collective observance of Nereus, Achilleus, Domitilla, and Pancras retained its ranking until it was downgraded to a simple feast in 1955 and then to a third-class feast in 1960.

In the current General Roman Calendar, revised in 1969, Saints Nereus and Achilleus are celebrated separately, and Saint Pancras has his own optional memorial on May 12th.

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