St Pancras of Rome – Feast Day – May 12

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St. Pancras was a young Roman citizen who embraced Christianity and was executed for his faith by beheading at the age of 14, in 304 AD, during the reign of Diocletian when Christians were persecuted.

He was born in the late third century and after his parents’ demise, he was raised by his uncle in Rome.

Both Pancras and his uncle adopted Christianity. His name derives from the Greek language, and it means “the one who holds all things.”

We celebrate his feast day on May 12 every year in the Catholic Church

St Pancras of Rome Biography
St Pancras of Rome - Feast Day - May 12
St Pancras of Rome – Feast Day – May 12
Date of Birth 290 AD
Place of Birth Roman Empire
Place of Work Rome
Date of Death 304 AD
Place of Death Rome, Italy
Feast Day May 12
Canonization Pre-Congregation
Patron Saint of  

St Pancras of Rome Biography

St. Pancras is held in high esteem in England due to the fact that St Augustine of Canterbury dedicated his initial church to Pancras, and the king of Northumberland was presented with his remains as a gift.

As a result, the district of St. Pancras in London, and consequently, the railway station named after him, were also named in his honor.

Initially, St. Pancras was celebrated alongside St Nereus and St Achilleus on May 12th with a joint feast day and Mass ritual.

In 1595, after 25 years of the Tridentine Missal’s implementation by Pope Pius V, St Domitilla was also included.

Since 1969, Pancras has been venerated independently but still on May 12th. He is commonly recognized as the second of the Ice Saints.

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