Saint of the Day for April 2 2023

Today is Tuesday, June 6, 2023

This is the Saint of the Day list of Saints and Blesseds whose feast day is April 2 2023.

👉 Saint Francis of Paola

Saint Pedro Calungsod

Blessed Vilmos Apor

Saint Francisco Coll Guitart

Blessed Mykolai Charnetskyi

Saint Appian of Caesarea

Saint John Payne

Saint Urban of Langres

Blessed Leopold of Gaiche

Blessed Arnulf of Leuven

Saint Ebbe the Younger

Saint Abundius of Como

Saint Eustace of Luxeuil

Blessed Diego Luis de San Vitores-Alonso

Blessed Diego Luis de San Vitores-Alonso born on 13th November 1627 in Burgos, Spain was a Jesuit missionary priest. He founded the first Catholic church on the island of Guam and established the Spanish presence in the Mariana Islands. He died on 2nd April 1672 in Tumon, Guam and was beatified on 6th October 1985 by Pope John Paul II.

Saint Theodora of Tiria

Saint Theodora of Tiria also known as Theodora of Tyre ,Theodora of Tyros ,Theodora of Caesarea , Teodora or Theodosia born in 290 in Tyre was imprisoned, tortured and executed in her late teens for encouraging other martyrs to not give up their faith. He died a martyr after being thrown into the sea to drown at Caesarea, Palestine in 317.

Blessed Alessandrina of Foligno

Blessed Alessandrina of Foligno also known as Alexandrine or Sandrina born in 1385 in Sulmona ,Italy was a poor Clare nun. She founded the Poor Clare monastery in Foligno, Italy where she was admired for her great piety. She died on 2nd April 1458 of natural causes.

Blessed Drogo of Baume

Blessed Drogo of Baume also known as Drogon, Dreux or Druon after leading a worldly and dissolute life, he became a Benedictine monk at the abbeys of Fleury-sur-Loire and Baume-les-Messieurs in France. He is noted for his piety. Around 950, he received a vision of Saint Benedict of Nursia, confirming his conversion to religious life.

Saint Ðaminh Tuoc

Saint Ðaminh Tuoc also known as Domenico or Dominic was born in 1775 in Trung Lao, Nam Ðinh, Vietnam. He was a dominican priest and died on 2nd April 1839 in Nam Ðinh, Vietnam. He was canonized on 19th June 1988 by Pope John Paul II and is celebrated on 24th November as one of the Martyrs of Vietnam.

Saint Brónach of Glen-Seichis

Saint Brónach of Glen-Seichis also known as Virgin of Glen-Seichis, Bromana, Bronacha, Bronanna, Bronagh or Bronaha was a nun and became abbess of Gleannsechis (Kill-sechis), Ireland.

Saint Nicetius of Lyon

Saint Nicetius of Lyon also known as Nicet, Nicetus, Nizier or Nicezio was the nephew of Saint Sacerdos of Lyons. He was the bishop of Lyon, France in 553 and worked to revive ecclesiastical chant. He died in 573 of natural causes.

Blessed Meingosus of Weingarten

Blessed Meingosus of Weingarten also known as Megingaud or Meingos was a benedictine monk and became abbot of at Weingarten abbey in Swabia in modern Germany in 1188. His representation is an abbot supervising construction.

Saint Lonochilus of Maine

Saint Lonochilus of Maine also known as Longis or Lenogisil was a priest and founded a monastery in Maine, France. He was the spiritual teacher of Saint Agnofleda of Maine. He died in 653 of natural causes.

Saint Agnofleda of Maine

Saint Agnofleda of Maine also known as Agneflette or Noflette born in Switzerland was a nun and spiritual student of Saint Lonochilus of Maine. He died in 638 of natural causes.

Saint Constantine of Scotland

Saint Constantine of Scotland was the king of Scotland. He died in 874 battle fighting invading heathens and thus considered a martyr. He is buried on Iona.

Saint Rufus of Glendalough

Saint Rufus of Glendalough also known as Rufin was a hermit at Glendalough, Ireland.

Saint Musa of Rome

Saint Musa of Rome was a young girl in 6th century Rome, Italy who had visions and mystical experiences. Saint Gregory the Great wrote about her.

Saint Victor of Capua

Saint Victor of Capua was the bishop of Capua, Italy in 541. He was a noted ecclesiastical writer and died in 554.

Saint Gordonian

Saint Gordonian also known as Gortonian, Gordian or Gurgoniana was martyr.

Saint Magnus

Saint Magnus was a martyr.

Saint Donatus

Saint Donatus was martyr.

Saint Julius

Saint Julius was a martyr.

Martyrs of Africa

Martyrs of Africa is a group of ten Christians martyred together in Africa at an unknown date .Their names are Marcellinus ,Procula ,Quiriacus ,Regina ,Satullus and Saturnin.

Martyrs of Thessalonica

Martyrs of Thessalonica was a group of sixteen Christians who were martyred together in Thessalonica in Greece at an unknown date. Their names are Zonisus ,Valerius ,Urbanus ,Theodoulus ,Publius ,Proculus ,Mastisius ,Julianus ,Gagus ,Dionysius ,Cyriacus ,Agatophus and Agapitus.

Other Saints Celebrated Today

  • Titus the Miracle Worker
  • Thetwif of Minden
  • Polycarp of Alexandria
  • Mary of Saint Joseph Alvarado
  • Heinrich von Baumburg
  • Gregory of Nicomedia
  • Genoveva of Brabant
  • Floberde
  • Elizabeth Vendramini
  • Conall of Clonallan
  • Augustine of Ancona
List of Saints Whose Feast Day is April 2 - Catholic Saint of the Day
List of Saints Whose Feast Day is April 2 2023 – Catholic Saint of the Day

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