Saint of the Day for April 29

Today is Thursday, February 2, 2023

This is the Saint of the Day list of Saints and Blesseds whose feast day falls on April 29 every year.

Saint Catherine of Siena, Virgin and Doctor of the Church

Saint Peter Verona

Blessed Hanna Helena Chrzanowska

Blessed Itala Mela

Saint Hugh of Cluny

Blessed Acardo of Avranches

Saint Torpes of Pisa

Saint Tychicus

Saint Antonius Kim Song-u

Saint Endellion of Tregony

Saint Gundebert of Gumber

St. Gundebert of Gumber was born in France. He was an eighth century Frankish courtier. He was the brother of St. Nivard and was married to St. Bertha of Avenay. With Bertha’s approval, he separated from her to become a monk. He travelled to Ireland where he was martyred by pagans attacking his monastery in Ireland.

Blessed Robert Gruthuysen

Blessed Robert Gruthuysen was born in Bruges, Belgium. He was also known as Robert of Bruges. He was a Benedictine cistercian monk in 1131 and a spiritual student of St. Bernard of Clairvaux. He served as the first abbot of Dunes Abbey in 1139 and later as an abbot of Clairvaux Abbey in 1153. He died in 1157 of natural causes.

Saint Ava of Denain

St. Ava of Denain was also known as Ava of Dinant or Avia. She was the niece of King Pepin the Short. Blind as a child, she was miraculously healed by Saint Rainfredis. She was a nun a Denain, Hainault (in modern Belgium), and later served as its abbess. She died in 845AD.

Saint Dichu

St. Dichu was born in the 4th century in Ireland. He was also known as Dictinus. He was the son of an Ulster chieftain and was a swineherd in his youth. He was St. Patrick’s first convert in Ireland and gave him the ground at Saul for his first Irish church. He died in the 5th century in Saul, Ireland of natural causes.

Saint Wilfrid the Younger

St. Wilfrid the Younger was also known as Wilfrith. He was a monk at Beverley Abbey and a spiritual student of St. John of Beverley. He was also an abbot of Beverley. Late in life he retired to live as a monk at Ripon Abbey. He died in 744.

Saint Fiachan of Lismore

St. Fiachan of Lismore was born in Munster, Ireland. He was also known as Fiachna, Fianchine, Fiachina or Fianchne. He was a monk at Lismore, Ireland and a spiritual student of Saint Carthage the Younger. He died in the 7th century.

Saint Theoger

St. Theoger was a benedictine monk. Leading supporter of the monastic reform at Hirsau Abbey and the Cluniac reform in general. He was an abbot of Saint George’s Abbey in the Black Forest in 1100AD. He died in 1120 at Cluny Abbey of natural causes.

Saint Paulinus of Brescia

St. Paulinus of Brescia was a bishop of Brescia, Italy in 524AD. He died in 545AD and his relics were enshrined in the church of San Pietro in Oliveto, Italy.

Saint Daniel of Gerona

St. Daniel of Gerona was born in Asia Minor. He was a hermit and died as a martyr in the 9th century in Spain.

Saint Senan of Wales

St. Senan of Wales was a seventh century hermit in north Wales.

Abbots of Cluny

The abbots of Cluny have a feast that recognizes the great and saintly early abbots of Cluny Abbey.

Their names are;

  • Saint Peter the Venerable
  • Saint Odo of Cluny
  • Saint Odilo of Cluny
  • Saint Mayeul
  • Saint Hugh of Cluny
  • Saint Berno of Cluny
  • Saint Aymardus of Cluny

Martyrs of Corfu

The martyrs of Corfu were also known as Martyrs of Corcyra, Seven Holy Thieves, Seven Holy Robbers or Seven Robber Saints. They were a gang of thieves who converted while in prison, brought to the faith by St. Jason and St. Sosipater who had been imprisoned for evangelizing. When the gang announced their new faith, they were martyred together. They were boiled in oil and pitch in the 2nd century on the Island of Corcyra (modern Corfu, Greece).

Their names are;

  • Saturninus
  • Marsalius
  • Mammius
  • Januarius
  • Insischolus
  • Faustianus
  • Euphrasius

Other Saints Celebrated Today

  • Madonna del sangue
  • Ludovico of Casoria
  • John Vargas
  • Cristino
List of Saints Whose Feast Day is April 29 - Catholic Saint of the Day
List of Saints Whose Feast Day is April 29 – Catholic Saint of the Day

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