Saint of the Day for August 4 2024

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Today is Sunday, June 9, 2024

This is the Saint of the Day list of Saints and Blesseds whose feast day is August 4 2024.

👉 Saint John Mary Vianney (the Cure of Ars), Priest

Blessed Enrico Angelo Angelelli Carletti

Blessed Frédéric Janssone

Blessed Ioan BĂŁlan

Saint Sithney

Blessed Josep Rabasa Betanachs

Saint Aristarchus of Thessalonica

Blessed Gonzalo Gonzalo y Gonzalo

Saint Eleutherius of Bithynia

Blessed Josep Batalla Parramon

Blessed Gil Rodicio y Rodicio

Blessed William Horne

Saint Euphronius of Tours

Saint Onofrio of Panaia

St Onofrio of Panaia also known as Onofrio Catanzaro, Onofrio the Hermit, or Onofre.

He was a hermit in the forests of Panaia, Calabria, Italy. He followed the Basilian Rule and was known for his ascetic way of life, wisdom, and piety.

He died of natural causes in 995 AD.

Saint Lua of Limerick

St Lua of Limerick was also known as Lugid or Molua. He was born in 554 AD in Limerick, Ireland. He was a spiritual student of Saint Comgall of Bangor.

He founded several monasteries and was known for his simple gentleness with man and beast and also his ascetic life. He died in 609 AD.

Saint Rainerio of Split

St Rainerio of Split was also known as Raniero, Rainerius, Raynerius, Reynerius, Rajnerije, or Arnir. He was a monk and a Bishop.

He was martyred by being stoned to death for defending the rights of the Church against civil authorities in Split, Dalmatia in modern-day Croatia.

Saint Perpetua of Rome

St Perpetua of Rome was a laywoman who was married to a pagan imperial Roman army officer.

She was the mother of Saint Nazarius of Rome. She was converted to Christianity after she was baptized by Saint Peter the Apostle. She died in 80 AD and her relics are enshrined in Milan, Italy and Cremona, Italy.

Saint Agabius of Verona

St Agabius of Verona was the bishop of Verona, Italy in the third century. He died in 250 AD. Cardinal Baronius wrote about him saying he was “Eminent for his love of God, for his liberality towards the poor and for his gentle manners.”

Saint Epiphanes of Besançon

St Epiphanes of Besançon was a martyr who, until the French Revolution,
was venerated at the cathedral at Besançon, France.

Saint Isidore of Besançon

St Isidore of Besançon was a martyr who, until the French Revolution,
was venerated at the cathedral at Besançon, France.

Saint Ia of Persia

St Ia of Persia was a Greek slave. She was martyred for her success in converting Persian women to the faith. In 360 AD, she was tortured, flogged and beheaded in Persia during the persecution of King Shapur II.

Saint Hyacinth of Rome

St Hyacinth of Rome was also known as Giacinto or Jacinto She was martyred on the Via Labicana, Rome, Italy

Saint Tertullinus of Rome

St Tertullinus of Rome was a priest. He was martyred two days after his ordination in 257 AD during the persecutions of Valerian.

Saint Protasius of Cologne

St Protasius was a martyr honoured in Cologne, Germany. 

Saint Justin of Rome

St Justin died as a martyr on the Via Tiburtina, Rome, Italy.

Saint Crescentio of Rome

St Crescentio died as a martyr on the Via Tiburtina, Rome, Italy.

Other Saints of the Day for August 4 2024

  1. Antonio Arrue Peirano
  2. Onofrio of Panaia
  3. John of the Cross
  4. Henryk Jozef Krzysztofik
  5. Egidio of Seville
  6. Cecilia Cesarini
  7. Bertha of Cavriglia
  8. Berchan
Saints Whose Feast Day is August 4 - Catholic Saint of the Day
Saints Whose Feast Day is August 4 2024 – Catholic Saint of the Day

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