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Saint of the Day for December 15

This is the Saint of the Day list of Saints and Blesseds whose feast day falls on December 15 every year.

Saint Virginia Centurione Bracelli

Saint Mary di Rosa

Blessed Victoria Strata

Blessed Charles Steeb

Blessed Marino of Cava

Saint Paul of Latros

Blessed Ramón Eirin Mayo

Blessed Pau Gracia Sánchez

Blessed Pau Gracia Sanchez was born on 23rd March, 1892 in Lleida, Spain. He was a member of the Salesians taking his vows on 25th July, 1920. He was marytred in the anti-Catholic persecutions of the Spanish Civil War. He died after been shot in Madrid, Spain on 15th December, 1936. Pope Benedict XVI beatified him on 28th October, 2007.

Saint Christiana the Slave

St. Christiana the Slave was a fourth century Christian maiden who was kidnapped and enslaved by the pagan Iberi around the Caspian and Black Sea. Her real name remains a mystery but she was called Christiana because she refused to give up her faith. Having performed miracles by praying, Christiana converted members of the Iberi royal family who sent to Emperor Constantine for priests and missionaries to convert their people.

Saint Maximinus of Micy

St. Maximinus of Micy was born in Verdun, France and was also known as Maximin or Mesmin. He was the nephew of St. Euspicius. He was the co-founder and first abbot of the Abbey of Micy, France on land donated by King Clovis. Legend says that at one point he prayed a dragon into submission and later, spent his years as a hermit in the dragon’s former cave. He died in 520 due to natural causes.

Saint Valerian of Abbenza

St. Valerian of Abbenza was born in 377AD. He has an additional memorial on the 28th November as one of the Martyrs of North Africa. He was a bishop of Abbenza in North Africa. Arian Vandals demanded that he turn over his sacred vessels to them and when he refused, he was exiled with a public order that no one was permitted to give him shelter. He died as a martyr in 457 due to exposure.

Saint Margaret of Fontana

St. Margaret of Fontana was born in 1440 at Modena in Italy. She was a pious youth and a Dominican tertiary. She was devoted to the sick and poor, spending whole nights praying over the sick in her care. Miraculous healings were reported. She drove away demons by making the Sign of the Cross. She is the patron to possessed people and women in labour. She died in 1513.

Saint Adalbero of Metz

St. Adalbero was also known as Adalbero of Verdun. He was born to the nobility and studied at Gorze Abbey. He was a benedictine monk and a bishop of Verdun, France in 984, and bishop of Metz later that same year. He founded several Cluniac monasteries in his diocese and helped in the revitalization of Gorze. He died due to natural causes in 1005.

Blessed Mary of Peace

Blessed Mary of Peace was a Mercedarian tertiary who lived in the monastery of Holy Mary in Granada, Spain. She was a miracle worker. She interred in the church of the monastery of Holy Mary, Granada, Spain. She died in 1606 due to natural causes.

Saint Florentius of Bangor

St. Florentius of Bangor was also known as Flann or Florence. He was an abbot of Bangor Abbey, Ireland. One of the leaders of the great monastic program of evangelization and protection of the arts in Ireland. He died in the 7th century.

Blessed Marco of Jativa

Blessed Marco of Jativa was a soldier, knight and an officer. He was a mercedarian friar at the convent of San Matteo, Jativa, Spain.

Saint Silvia of Constantinople

St. Silvia of Constantinople was also known as Silviana or Sylvia. She was considered the most learned woman of her day. She fought against heresies and died in 420AD.

Saint Offa of Essex

St. Offa of Essex was the King of Essex in England. He gave up the crown to become a monk in Rome, Italy. He died in 709AD.

Blessed Julia of Arezzo

Blessed Julia of Arezzo was a Camaldolese nun at Arezzo, Italy.

Martyrs of Drina

Martyrs of Drina were also known as Daughters of Divine Charity of Drina or Drina Martyrs. They were five members of the Daughters of Divine Charity who were martyred while fighting off Chetnik rapists. They died in 1941 in December in Gorazde, Bosansko-Podrinjski, Bosnia-Herzegovina. Pope Benedict XVI beatified them on 24th September, 2011 at the Olimpijska Dvorana Zetra, Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina, presided by Cardinal Angelo Amato.

Their names are;

  • Jozefa Bojanc
  • Terezija Banja
  • Kata Ivanisevic
  • Karoline Anna Leidenix
  • Jozefa Fabjan

Martyrs of North Africa

The martyrs of North Africa were a group of Christians martyred together for their faith in North Africa.

Their names are;

  • Caelian
  • Candidus
  • Faustinus
  • Fortunatus
  • Januarius
  • Lucius
  • Mark

Martyrs of Rome

Martyrs of Rome were a group of 22 Christians who were martyred together in the persecutions of Valerian. They died in 258AD in Rome, Italy.

Their names are;

  • Antonius
  • Irenaeus
  • Saturnin
  • Theodorus
  • Victor

Other Saints Celebrated Today

List of Saints Whose Feast Day is December 15 - Catholic Saint of the Day
List of Saints Whose Feast Day is December 15 – Catholic Saint of the Day

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