Saint of the Day for December 29 2024

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Today is Sunday, July 21, 2024

This is the Saint of the Day list of Saints and Blesseds whose feast day is December 29 2024.

Saint Thomas Becket, Bishop and Martyr

Blessed William Howard

Saint Ebrulf of Ouche

King David

Blessed José Aparicio Sanz

Saint Marcellus the Righteous

Blessed José Perpiñá Nácher

Saint Trophimus of Arles

Blessed Gérard Cagnoli

Saint Girald of Fontenelle

Saint Thaddeus of Scythia

Saint Thaddeus of Scythia, also known as Thaddee was a ninth-century Scythian slave.

He was a relative of Saint Theodore Studites and after being Freed from slavery, Thaddeus became a monk.

His house was dispersed in the iconoclast persecutions of Emperor Leo V. Saint Thaddeus was arrested with several brother monks and ordered to reject icons and images, and to trample on an icon of Christ.

He refused and consequently received 130 lashes and was left for the dead. He survived two days before dying as a Martyr of the injuries.

Blessed Francis Ruiz

Blessed Francis Ruiz also known as Francesco was born in 1546 in Rioja, Spain. He was a Mercedarian and a missionary to Chile in 1569.

Blessed Francis worked in Ecuador and then in Cusco, Peru, working from the Mercedarian convent there.

In 1590, he was martyred by pagan natives while preaching in Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Tucman, Peru.

Saint Martinian of Milan

Saint Martinian of Milan also known as Maternian, Matinian, Martinien or Martinianus became the bishop of Milan, Italy in 423 AD.

He attended the Council of Ephesus and fought the Nestorian heresy that denied that Mary was the Mother of God. On December 29 435 AD, he died of natural causes.

Saint Libosus of Vaga

Saint Libosus of Vaga also known as Libóso or Lybosu was the bishop of Vaga in modern Béja, Tunisia.

He was also part of the Council of Carthage in 256 AD and several of his letters have survived to today.

He died in 258 AD martyred in the persecutions of Valerian near Carthage (modern Tunis, Tunisia).

He was buried in the cemetery of Carthage.

Saint Aileran of Clonard

Saint Aileran of Clonard also known as Aileran Sapiens or Aileran the Wise was a monk and teacher at the monastery of Clonard, Ireland.

He was a noted scholar and master of Greek and Latin and was rector in 650 AD.

He wrote several theological treatises and biographies of Saint Brigid, Saint Fechin and Saint Patrick.

St Aileran died on December 29 664 AD of natural causes.

Saint Albert of Gambron

Saint Albert of Gambron was born in the diocese of Séez, France. He was a seventh-century courtier.

Disenchanted with the worldly life, he lived for a while as a hermit. St Albert founded the abbey of Gambron-sur-l’Authion, France, which simultaneously used the Rules of Saint Benedict and Saint Columbanus. He served as its first abbot.

Saint Florent de Bourges

Saint Florent de Bourges also known as Florentius became the bishop of Bourges, France for 20 years.

He was known for his intense spiritual life, and his work to enhance the spiritual life of his flock.

The town of Saint-Florent-sur-Cher is named after him. In 664 AD, he died of natural causes.

Saint Quartillosa of Carthage

Saint Quartillosa of Carthage was a married laywoman and a mother. She was martyred at Carthage in modern Tunis Tunisia with her husband and son, whose names have not come down to us.

This was during the persecutions of Valerian.

Saint Trophimus of Ephesus

Saint Trophimus of Ephesus was born in Ephesus and was a gentile first-century convert.

He became a missionary with Saint Paul and went for the Pilgrim to Jerusalem where his Gentile presence in the temple started a riot. He died in the 1st century.

Blessed Paul Mary

Blessed Paul Mary was a Dominican lay brother in Seville, Spain. He became a miracle worker and healer.

When he was in charge of giving bread to the poor, the bins never ran empty. He died in 1597 AD of natural causes.

Martyrs of North Africa

Martyrs of North Africa is a group of Christians who were executed together for their faith. 

Their names are

  • Crescentius
  • Dominic
  • Honoratus
  • Lybosus
  • Primian
  • Saturninus
  • Secundus
  • Victor

Martyrs of Rome

Martyrs of Rome is a group of Christians executed together for their faith. 

Their names are

  • Boniface
  • Callisto
  • Felix

Martyrs of Seoul

Martyrs of Seoul is a group of seven lay women born in the apostolic vicariate, South Korea.

Their names are

  • Petrus Ch’oe Ch’ang-Hub
  • Magdalena Yi Yong-Dok
  • Magdalena Han Yong-I
  • Elisabeth Chong Chong-Hye
  • Benedicta Hyong Kyong-Nyon
  • Barbara Ko Sun-I
  • Barbara Cho Chung-I

On December 29 1839, they were beheaded at the Small West Gate, Seoul, South Korea. They were then recognized as part of the Martyrs of Korea on September 20.

On May 6 1984, they were canonized by Pope John Paul II.

Martyrs of the Spanish Civil War

These are the names of some of the thousands of people who were murdered from 1934 to 1939, during the anti-Catholic persecutions of the Spanish Civil War. 

Their names are;

  • Blessed Juan Bautista Ferreres Boluda
  • Blessed Jacinto Gutiérrez Terciado
  • Blessed Enrique Juan Requena
  • Blessed Aproniano de Felipe González

Other Saints of the Day for December 29 2024

  • Peter of Lutra

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List of Saints Whose Feast Day is December 29 - Catholic Saint of the Day
List of Saints Whose Feast Day is December 29 2024 – Catholic Saint of the Day

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