Saint of the Day for February 3 2024

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Today is Friday, April 5, 2024

This is the Saint of the Day list of Saints and Blesseds whose feast day is February 3 2024.

👉 Saint Ansgar, Bishop

Saint Blaise

Blessed Marie Rivier

Blessed John Nelson

Blessed Iustus Takayama Ukon

Saint Claudine Thevenet

Saint Lawrence the Illuminator

Saint Hadelin of Chelles

Blessed Helena Stollenwerk

Saint Anna the Prophetess

Blessed Alois Andritzki

Saint Margaret of England

Saint Berlindis of Meerbeke

Saint Celerinus of Carthage

Saint Werburgh of Chester

Saint Blasius of Armentarius

Saint Ia Also known as Hia, Ives

Saint Evantius of Vienne

Saint Werburgh of Bardney

Blessed Helinand of Pronleroy

Saint Laurentinus of Carthage

St Laurentinus of Carthage was a brother of St Laurentius and St Clerina and an uncle of St Celerinus.

He was martyred in the persecutions of Decius. He died in the 3rd century near Carthage, North Africa.

Saint Laurentius of Carthage

St Laurentius of Carthage was a brother of St Laurentinus and St Clerina and an Uncle of Saint Celerinus.

He was martyred in the persecutions of Decius. He died in the 3rd century near Carthage, North Africa.

Saint Clerina of Carthage

St Clerina of Carthage was a sister St Laurentinus and St Laurentius and an aunt of St Celerinus.

She was martyred in the persecutions of Decius. She died in 3rd century near Carthage, North Africa.

Blessed John Zakoly

Blessed John Zakoly, also known as John of Csanad, died of natural cause 1494 AD.

He was a bishop of Csanád, Hungary and and also a Pauline monk. Prior of the house at Diósgyor (modern Miskolc), Hungary.

Saint Anatolius of Salins

St Anatolius of Salins was a Scottish born and died in 9th century. He was a bishop in Scotland and also a Pilgrim to Rome, Italy. He abandoned his see to live as a hermit at Salins, France.

Saint Leonius of Poitiers

St Leonius of Poitiers, also known as Leonio, died of natural cause in the 4th century Poitiers, Aquitaine, France. He was a priest and a spiritual student of Saint Hilary.

Saint Blasius of Oreto

St Blasius of Oreto, also known as Blasius of Cisuentes, died in 68 AD in Cisuentes, Spain. He was a bishop of Oreto, Spain and was martyred in the persecutions of Nero.

Saint Ignatius of Africa

St Ignatius of Africa was an African born and died in the 3rd century in Africa. He was an Uncle of St Celerinus and also a martyr. Saint Cyprian wrote about him.

Saint Oliver of Ancona

St Oliver of Ancona, also known as Liberius or Oliverus, was a Benedictine monk at Santa Maria di Portonuovo at Ancona, Italy.

Saint Felix of Africa

St Felix of Africa was martyred and died in Africa. No further information has survived.

Saint Caellainn

St Caellainn, also known as Caoilfionn, was an Irish born and died in the 6th century. A church in Roscommon, Ireland is named in her honor.

Saint Philip of Vienne

St Philip of Vienne was a bishop of Vienne, France during a period of great political turmoil and rampant heresy.

Saint Eutichio

St Eutichio died as a Martyr in Rome, Italy. He was interred in the catacombs of the Appian Way outside Rome.

Saint Sempronius of Africa

St Sempronius of Africa, also known as Symphronius, was martyred in Africa.

Saint Hippolytus of Africa

St Hippolytus of Africa was martyred in Africa. No further information has survived.

Saint Liafdag

St Liafdag was martyred in 980 AD in Denmark. He was a bishop in Jutland, Denmark and was martyred by local pagans.

Saint Tigides of Gap

St Tigides of Gap, also known as Teridio or Teridius, was a sixth century bishop of Gap, France.

Saint Deodatus of Lagny

St Deodatus of Lagny was an eighth century monk at Lagny, France.

Saint Lupicinus of Lyon

St Lupicinus of Lyon was a bishop of Lyon, France in 486.

Saint Remedius of Gap

St Remedius of Gap was a bishop of Gap, France.

Saint Felix of Lyons

St Felix of Lyons was a bishop of Lyons, France.

Benedictine Martyrs

Benedictine Martyrs are a collective memorial of all members of the Benedictine Order who have died as martyrs for the faith.

  • Blessed Agustí Busquets Creixell
  • Blessed Ambroise-Augustin Chevreux
  • Blessed Àngel Maria Rodamilans Canals
  • Blessed Antolín Pablos Villanueva
  • Blessed Augustin-Joseph Desgardin
  • Blessed Càndid Feliu Soler
  • Blessed Cipriano González Millán
  • Blessed Claude Richard
  • Blessed Conrad of Seldenbüren
  • Blessed Ignasi Guilà Ximenes
  • Blessed Joan Grau Bullich
  • Blessed Joan Roca Bosch
  • Blessed John Beche
  • Blessed John Eynon
  • Blessed John Rugg
  • Blessed John Sordi
  • Blessed John Thorne
  • Blessed José Antón Gómez
  • Blessed José Erausquin Aramburu
  • Blessed Josep Albareda Ramoneda
  • Blessed Josep Maria Fontseré Masdeú
  • Blessed Josep Maria Jordá i Jordá
  • Blessed Konrad II of Mondsee
  • Blessed León Alesanco Maestro
  • Blessed Lluis Casanovas Vila
  • Blessed Louis Barreau de La Touche
  • Blessed Louis-François Lebrun
  • Blessed Luis Palacios Lozano
  • Blessed Luis Vidaurrázaga González
  • Blessed Mark Barkworth
  • Blessed Pere Vallmitjana Abarca
  • Blessed Pere Vilar Espona
  • Blessed Peter of Subiaco
  • Blessed Philip Powel
  • Blessed Rafael Alcocer Martínez
  • Blessed René-Julien Massey
  • Blessed Richard Whiting
  • Blessed Roger James
  • Blessed Suzanne-Agathe Deloye
  • Blessed Thiemo of Salzburg
  • Blessed Thomas Pickering
  • Blessed Thomas Tunstal
  • Blessed William Scott
  • Five Polish Brothers
  • Martyred Subiaco Benedictines of Barcelona
  • Martyrs of Cardeña
  • Martyrs of Croyland
  • Martyrs of Messina
  • Saint Abbo of Fleury
  • Saint Adalbert of Prague
  • Saint Ageranus of Blèze
  • Saint Agigulf
  • Saint Aigulf
  • Saint Aigulphus of Lérins
  • Saint Alban Bartholomew Roe
  • Saint Altigianus
  • Saint Amarinus of Clermont
  • Saint Ambrose Edward Barlow
  • Saint Arnulf of Novalesa
  • Saint Beocca of Chertsey
  • Saint Berard of Blèze
  • Saint Bernard of Lérida
  • Saint Bertha of Avenay
  • Saint Boniface
  • Saint Bruno of Querfort
  • Saint Deusdedit of Montecassino
  • Saint Donatus of Messina
  • Saint Elleher
  • Saint Eobán of Utrecht
  • Saint Ernest of Mecca
  • Saint Ethor of Chertsey
  • Saint Eutychius of Messina
  • Saint Faustus of Messina
  • Saint Firmatus of Messina
  • Saint Frugentius the Martyr
  • Saint Genesius of Blèze
  • Saint Gerard Sagredo
  • Saint Gibardus of Luxeuil
  • Saint Gundekar
  • Saint Hadulph
  • Saint Hedda of Peterborough
  • Saint Hedda the Abbot
  • Saint Hilarinus
  • Saint Hildebert of Ghent
  • Saint John Roberts
  • Saint Marinus of Maurienne
  • Saint Placidus of Messina
  • Saint Porcarius of Lérins
  • Saint Rodron of Blèze
  • Saint Rumold
  • Saint Sifrard of Blèze
  • Saint Stephen of Burgos
  • Saint Victorinus of Messina
  • Saint Vincent of Léon
  • Saint Wiborada of Gall
  • Venerable Abel Ángel Palazuelos Maruri
  • Venerable Ángel Carmelo Boix Cosials
  • Venerable Antoni Lladós Salud
  • Venerable Antonio Fuertes Boira
  • Venerable Antonio Suárez Riu
  • Venerable Fernando Salinas Romeo
  • Venerable Jaume Caballé Bru
  • Venerable Julio Fernández Muñiz
  • Venerable Leandro Cuesta Andrés
  • Venerable Leoncio Ibáñez Caballero
  • Venerable Lorenzo Sobrevia Cañardo
  • Venerable Mariano Palau Sin
  • Venerable Martín Donamaría Valencia
  • Venerable Ramón Sanz De Galdeano Mañeru
  • Venerable Santiago Pardo López

Other Saints of the Day for February 3 2024

  • Trifun
  • Simeon the Elder
  • John Vallejo
  • Heridag of Hamburg
List of Saints Whose Feast Day is February 3 - Catholic Saint of the Day
List of Saints Whose Feast Day is February 3 2024 – Catholic Saint of the Day

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