Saint of the Day for February 8 2025

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Today is Wednesday, June 5, 2024

This is the Saint of the Day list of Saints and Blesseds whose feast day is February 8 2025.

👉 Saint Jerome Emiliani

Saint Josephine Bakhita

Blessed Esperanza de Jesus

Blessed Josephina Gabriella Bonino

Saint Laureatus of Rome

Blessed Peter Igneus

Saint Invenzio of Pavia

Blessed Jacoba de Settesoli

Saint Stephen of Muret

Saint Cuthman of Steyning

Saint Kigwe of Monmouthshire

Saint Oncho of Clonmore

Saint Elfleda of Whitby

Saint Cointha of Alexandria

Saint Honoratus of Milan

Saint Meingold

Blessed Ermanno of Foligno

Blessed Ermanno of Foligno was born in the late 12th century and died of natural causes in 1256 AD.

He was a Franciscan friar minor at the convent in Foligno, Italy mostly known as a miracle worker. He was interred in the San Feliciano Cathedral in Foligno, Italy.

Saint Paul of Verdun

St Paul of Verdun died in 649 AD. He was a courtier, a hermit on Mount Voge (modern Paulberg) near Trier, Germany and a monk at Tholey, Germany. Additionally, He was a bishop of Verdun, France.

Saint Mlada of Prague

St Mlada of Prague, also known as Mary of Prague or Mileda of Prague, died in 994 AD. She was a daughter of Duke Boleslav of Czechia and a founder of the Convent of Saint George in Prague (in the modern Czech Republic).

Saint Nicetius of Besançon

St Nicetius of Besançon, also known as Nizier of Besançon, died in 611 AD. He was a bishop of Besançon, France and also a friend of St Columbanus of Luxeuil.

Saint Isaias Boner

St Isaias Boner was born in at Cracow, Poland and died in 1471 AD. He was an Augustinian hermit, a theologian and an exceptional professor of Holy Scripture within the order.

Saint Giacuto

St Giacuto, also known as Iacuto, was a brother of St Winwaldo and St Guethnoc. In addition, he was a monk and a founder of a monastery in Brittany near the sea and led it as abbot until his death.

Saint Sebastian of Armenia

St Sebastian of Armenia, also known as Aemilian, was an Armenian monk and also a martyr.

Saint Dionysus of Armenia

St Dionysus of Armenia, also known as Aemilian was an Armenian monk and also a martyr.

Saint Emilian of Armenia

St Emilian of Armenia, aqlso known as Aemilian, was an Armenian monk and also a martyr.

Saint Cyriacus of Rome

St Cyriacus of Rome died in Rome, Italy as a martyr.

Saint Lucius of Rome

St Lucius of Rome died in Rome, Italy as a martyr.

Saint Paul of Rome

St Paul of Rome died in Rome, Italy as a martyr.

Saint Ruidche

St Ruidche was a nun born in 9th-century Ireland.

Saint Gisela

St Gisela died as a nun in 1277 AD.

Four Mercedarian Evangelists

Four Mercedarian Evangelists were the four Mercedarian friars. They evangelized the area of Provence (in modern France), working to convert Muslims and free enslaved Christians.

Their names are;

  • Blessed Alfonso de Riera
  • Blessed Francesco de Aretto
  • Blessed Dionisio Rugger
  • Blessed Francesco Donsu

Martyrs of Constantinople

Martyrs of Constantinople was a community of 5th-century monks at the monastery of St Dius in Constantinople.

They were imprisoned and martyred for loyalty to the Vatican during the Acacian Schism. They died in 485 AD in Constantinople.

Martyrs of Persia

Martyrs of Persia were an unknown number of Christians murdered in early 6th-century Persia. Legend says that so many miracles occurred through the intercession of these martyrs that the king decreed an end to the persecution of Christians.

List of Saints Whose Feast Day is February 8 - Catholic Saint of the Day
List of Saints Whose Feast Day is February 8 2025 – Catholic Saint of the Day

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