Saint of the Day for January 13

Today is Friday, June 2, 2023

This is the Saint of the Day list of Saints and Blesseds whose feast day falls on January 13 every year.

👉 Saint Hilary of Poitiers

Saint Kentigern

Blessed Francesco Maria Greco

Saint Remigius of Rheims

Blessed Veronica of Milan

Blessed Ivetta of Huy

Saint Agrecius of Trier

Saint Vivenzio of Blera

Blessed Francisca Inés Valverde González

Saint Berno of Cluny

Blessed María Francisca Espejo y Martos

Saint Ðaminh Pham Trong Kham

Saint Giuse Pham Trong Ta

Saint Luca Pham Trong Thìn

Blessed Emil Szramek

Blessed Hildemar of Arrouaise

Saint Hermylus

Saint Hermylus also known as Ermil, Ermilio, Hermellus, Hermylas, Hermyllus or Hermilio was a deacon at Singidunum in modern Belgrade, Serbia. He was Martyred with his servant, Saint Stratonicus, in the persecutions of Licinius. He drowned in the River Danube in 315.

Saint Elian of Brittany

Saint Elian of Brittany also known as Allan or Eilan was born in Brittany modern France. He was related to Saint Ismael, Saint Oudoceus, Saint Melorius, Saint Tugdual and Saint Judictel. He was a sixth century missionary to Cornwall, England. Llanelian in Anglesey and Llanelian in Denbigshire are named after him.

Saint Glaphyra

Saint Glaphyra was a slave, belonging to Constantia, the wife of the emperor Licinius. To safeguard her vow of chastity, she ran to Saint Basil of Amasea. She was arrested and sentenced to death for being a runaway slave. She is considered a martyr because her running away was a direct result of her faith and personal vows. She died in 324.

Saint Enogatus of Aleth

Saint Enogatus of Aleth also known a Eniguet, Eniguette, Enogad, Enogat, Enougad, Enougat, Tenou-cat or Tnoucat was a monk and became abbot of Saint Meen Abbey. He became bishop of , Brittany ,France and attended a memorial in 15th November for all the bishops of St Malo. In 631 he died of natural causes.

Saint Stratonicus

Saint Stratonicus also known as Stratonico was a servant to Saint Hermylus at Singidunum in modern Belgrade. He was Martyred with Hermylus in the persecutions of Licinius where he drowned in the River Danube in 315.

Saint Peter of Capitolíade

Saint Peter of Capitolíade was a priest and is noted for preaching Christianity in territory held by the Saracen prince Walid where he was mutilated and executed. His hands, feet and tongue were cut off, then crucified on 13 January 715 at the Capitolíade, Batanea, Syria. He died a martyr.

Blessed Stephen of Liège

Blessed Stephen of Liège was a Canon of Saint Denis, Liège, Belgium. He became a benedictine monk at Saint Vannes monastery, Verdun, France. He founded the monastery of Saint Laurence at Liège and served as its first abbot. In 1061, he died of natural causes.

Saint Leontius of Caesarea

Saint Leontius of Caesarea also known as Angel of Peace was the bishop of Caesarea. He worked in the Council of Nicaea in 325. and was highly praised in the writings of Saint Athanasius of Alexandria. He died in 337 of natural causes.

Blessed Matteo de Lana

Blessed Matteo de Lana also known as Matthew was a mercedarian monk at the monastery of Santa Maria degli Ulivi.

Blessed Ida of Argensolles

Blessed Ida of Argensolles was a benedictine nun at Saint Leonard’s, Liege, Belgium. She became the abbess of the Cistercian Argensolles Abbey, diocese of Soissons, France. In 1226,she died of natural causes.

Saint Gumesindus

Saint Gumesindus also known as Gumismundus, Gumersindus or Gumesindo was born Spanish and was a priest. He was martyred in the persecutions of Abderrahman II. He died in 852 at Cordoba, Spain.

Saint Viventius

Saint Viventius was born a samaritan. He was a hermit and a priest. He travelled from Palestine to Europe and worked with Saint Hilary of Poitiers to oppose Arianism. He died in 400 of natural causes.

Saint Erbin of Cornwall

Saint Erbin of Cornwall also known as Erbyn, Erme, Ervan or Hermes was a fifth century relative of a Cornish chieftain. Churches are dedicated to him in Cornwall.

Saint Servusdei

Saint Servusdei also known as Servusdeus was born Spanish and became a monk. He was martyred in the persecutions of Abderrahman II and died in 852 in Cordoba, Spain.

Saint Designatus of Maastricht

Saint Designatus of Maastricht was a fifth century bishop of Maastricht, Netherlands who died in 437.

Saint Elian ap Erbin

Saint Elian ap Erbin was born in the 5th century Welsh. No information has survived about him.

Saint Andrew of Trier

Saint Andrew of Trier was the bishop of Trier, Germany. He died in 235 as a martyr.

Forty Martyred Soldiers at Rome

Forty Martyred Soldiers at Rome was a group of forty soldiers martyred in the persecutions of Gallienus. They died in 262 on the Via Lavicana, Rome, Italy.

List of Saints Whose Feast Day is January 13 - Catholic Saint of the Day
List of Saints Whose Feast Day is January 13 – Catholic Saint of the Day

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