Saint of the Day for July 11 2024

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Today is Saturday, July 13, 2024

This is the Saint of the Day list of Saints and Blesseds whose feast day is July 11 2024.

👉 Saint Benedict of Nursia, Abbot

Saint Berthevin of Lisieux

Saint Olga of Kiev

Saint Drostan of Dier

Blessed Bertrand of Grand-Selve

Blessed Thomas Hunt

Blessed Valeriu Traian Frentiu

Pope Saint Pius I

Saint Marciana of Caesarea

Blessed Kjeld of Viborg

Blessed Nectaire of Sainte-Anne

Saint Anna An Jiaoshi

Saint Anna An Xingshi

Blessed Marie-Elisabeth Pélissier

Blessed Marie-Marguerite de Barbégie d’Albrède

Blessed Rosalie-Clotilde Bes

Blessed Marie-Clotilde Blanc

Blessed Thomas Sprott

Saint Placid of Dissentis

St Placid of Dissentis was also known as Placido. He was a wealthy landowner in Switzerland in the 7th Century. 

He was a very good friend of St Sigisbert of Dissentis. St Placid donated his land and the Dissentis Abbey in Switzerland was founded there. He joined there as a monk.

St Placid was killed for defending the ecclesiastical rights of the abbey and he died as a martyr.

In 1905 he was canonized through a cultus confirmation.

Saint Hidulf of Moyenmoutier

St Hidulf of Moyenmoutier was also known as Hidulphus, Hildulph, Hydulphe, Idulfo, Idolfo or Idyll. He was born in Regensburg, Germany and died in 707 AD.

He was a Benedictine monk at the monastery of Maximinus in Trier, Germany.

He founded the monastery of Moyenmourier in Eastern France where, in 676 AD, he retired to live as a monk.

Later on, he served as abbot of the house, and then of the monastery of Bonmoutier.

Saint Leontius the Younger

St Leontius the Younger was also known as Leontius II, Leoncio, or Leonzio. He was born in 510 AD and died in 565 AD.

As a soldier, he fought against the Visigoths. After his retirement from military life, he married and moved to Bordeaux, France.

He, later on, became the Bishop of Bordeaux where he built a number of churches in the region and was known for his charity to the poor.

Saint Marcian of Lycaonia

St Marcian of Lycaonia was also known as Marcian of Iconium or Marciano. He was a young Christian man who publicly proclaimed his faith during persecutions led by Governor Perennio.

This led to his arrest. In 243 AD in Iconium, Lycaonia, Asia Minor, he was tortured by having his tongue cut out to stop him from praying. He died as a martyr.

Saint Abundius of Ananelos

St Abundius of Ananelos was also known as Abundius of Cordoba or Abbondio.

During the Moorish occupation, he was a priest at Ananelos, Spain. He was beheaded and died as a martyr in 854 AD at Cordoba, Spain for preaching against Islam.

He was dragged before the caliph at Cordoba and was ordered to abandon Christianity but he refused.

Saint Cyriacus the Executioner

St Cyriacus the Executioner is the one who executed St Antiochus of Sebaste by order of Governor Hadrian.

After executing St Antiochus of Sebaste, a miracle happened that instead of blood flowing out of his body, it was milk. After this, he converted to Christianity but was later beheaded and died as a martyr.

Saint Sigisbert of Dissentis

St Sigisbert of Dissentis was also known as Sigebert. He was a good friend of Saint Placid of Dissentis. He founded Dissentis Abbey in Switzerland. 

In 1905 he was canonized through a cultus confirmation.

Saint John of Bergamo

St John was the Bishop of Bergamo, Italy in 657 AD where he served for 24 years.

He eliminated the last of the Arian heresy in his diocese and finally participated in the Council of Rome in 680 AD. He died in 681 AD.

Saint Cindeus

St Cindeus was also known as Cindée. He was a priest in Pamphylia, Asia Minor.

In 300 AD, during the persecutions of Diocletian, he was tortured by being burned at the stake and died as a martyr while praying.

Saint Thurketyl

St Thurketyl was also known as Turketil. He was born in 887 AD. He restored the Croyland Abbey, which had been destroyed by pagan Danes. He was an Abbot of the monastery at Bedford, England. He died in 975 AD.

Blessed Antonio Muller

Blessed Antonio Muller was a Mercedarian friar, a Scripture scholar and a Professor of Eastern languages.

Saint Sabinus of Poitiers

St Sabinus of Poitiers was a spiritual student of Saint Germanus of Auxerre. He died as a martyr in the 5th century near Poitiers, France.

Saint Amabilis of Rouen

St Amabilis of Rouen was born to the English nobility. She became a nun at Saint-Amand in Rouen, France. She died in 634 AD of natural causes.

Saint Januarius

St Januarius was beheaded in 320 AD at Nicopolis, Lesser Armenia, and died as a martyr during the persecutions of Licinius.

Saint Pelagia

St Pelagia was beheaded in 320 AD at Nicopolis, Lesser Armenia, and died as a martyr during the persecutions of Emperor Licinius.

Saint Cowair

St Cowair was also known as Cywair. He is the patron saint of Llangower, Wales

Saint Sabinus of Brescia

Saint Sabinus of Brescia was also known as Savinus or Savino. She died as a martyr.

Saint Sidronius

St Sidronius was martyred in 270 AD in Rome, Italy during the persecutions of Aurelian.

Saint Cyprian of Brescia

St Cyprian of Brescia died as a martyr.

Other Saints of the Day for July 11 2024

  1. Madonna del Carmine
  2. Dedication of the Cathedral of Puy
  3. Martyrs of Rome
  4. Chetillo
  5. Cydroine
  6. Euphemia of Chalcedon
  7. Failbe of Disert Mic Conlocha
  8. Nicodemus of Albania
  9. Tristan de Villelongue
List of Saints Whose Feast Day is July 11 - Catholic Saint of the Day
List of Saints Whose Feast Day is July 11 2024 – Catholic Saint of the Day

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