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Saint of the Day for July 13

This is the Saint of the Day list of Saints and Blesseds whose feast day falls on July 13 every year

👉 Saint Henry II

Saint Giustina of Arzano

Blessed Carlos Manuel Cecilio Rodriguez Santiago

Blessed Mariano de Jesus Eues Hoyos

Blessed Ferdinando Maria Baccilieri

Blessed James of Voragine

Saint Mildred of Thanet

Esdras the Prophet

Saint Clelia Barbieri

Blessed Berthold of Scheide

Blessed Thomas Tunstal

Saint Eugene of Carthage

Saint Paulus Liu Jinde

Saint Iosephus Wang Kuiju

Blessed Thérèse-Henriette Faurie

Blessed Élisabeth Verchière

Blessed Marie-Anastasie de Roquard

Blessed Anne-Andrée Minutte

lessed Marie-Anne Lambert

Blessed Marie-Anne Depeyre

Blessed Barthélemy Jarrige de La Morelie de Biars

Blessed Louis-Armand-Joseph Adam

Saint Emanuele LĂŞ Van Phung

Saint Serapion of Alexandria

St Serapion of Alexandria was also known as Serapione. He was burned alive in 248 AD in Alexandria, Egypt, and died as a martyr in the persecutions of emperor Septimius Severus and governor Aquila.

Saint Myrope

St Myrope was born in Chios, Greece. She was noted for her many pilgrimages to the graves of martyrs.

She hid the relics of Saint Isidore from persecutors, and for this reason, she was imprisoned and scourged. Afterwards, she died in 251 AD in prison from the effects of that torture.

Saint Arno of Wurzburg

St Arno was born in the 9th century and was the Bishop of WĂĽrzburg, Germany in 855 AD. He helped organize Crusaders from Normandy, Moravi, and Bohemia. On July 13 892 at Chemnitz, Saxony in modern-day Germany, while celebrating Mass, he was Killed by pagan Slavs and died a martyr.

Saint Turiaf of Dol

St Turiaf of Dol was also known as Thivisiau, Tuien, Turiav, Turiave, Turiavus, Turien, Turiano and Turiavo.

He was born in Brittany, France in the 8th-century French nobility. He became a monk then later an Abbot. He was ordained by Saint Sampson and became a priest. Later on, he became the Bishop of Dol, Brittany, France.

He died in 750 AD of natural causes.

Blessed Jean of France

Blessed Jean of France was a Mercedarian friar. He travelled through Algiers and North Africa from 1398 to 1401 where he freed 128 Christians who had been enslaved by Muslims. As a result of this, he was repeatedly abused and tortured.

He died in 1401 AD of natural causes.

Saint Serapion of Macedonia

St Serapion of Macedonia was a zealous evangelist who preached to many and converted them to Christianity.

In 195 AD, he was burned alive probably in Macedonia, and died as a martyr during the persecutions of Septimus Severus.

Saint Salutaris of Carthage

St Salutaris was exiled from Carthage, North Africa to the desert of Tripoli by Arian Vandals and died as a martyr in 505 AD.

Saint Muritta of Carthage

Saint Muritta was exiled from Carthage, North Africa to the desert of Tripoli by Arian Vandals and died as a martyr in 505 AD.

Saint Dogfan

St Dogfan was also known as Doewan. He was the son of the chieftain Saint Brychan of Brycheiniog. In the 5th century in Dyfed, Wales he died as a martyr.

Saint Sarra of Egypt

St Sarra of Egypt was a desert hermitess in Egypt in the 5th-century She was known for her discipline, piety, and extremely ascetic life.

Martyrs of Cyprus

The Martyrs of Cyprus were a group of 300 Christians who retired to Cyprus to live as cave hermits, devoting themselves to prayer and an ascetic life devoted to God.

In the 12th century, they were tortured, beheaded, and died as martyrs for their faith. Their bodies were dumped in the various caves in which they had lived and only discovered later on.

Five of their names are

  1. Ammon
  2. Choulélaios
  3. Epaphroditus
  4. Eusthénios
  5. HĂ©liophotos

Martyrs of Philomelio

Martyrs of Philomelio are a group of 31 soldiers who were killed in Philomelio, Phrygia in modern-day Turkey. They died as martyrs for their faith during the persecutions of prefect Magno.

Other Saints Celebrated Today

  • Our Lady of Grace of Valsorda
  • Our Lady of Soccorso
  • Martyrs of Alexandria
  • Britta of Balagny
  • Cruimther Fionntain of Cill-Airthir
  • Ernin of Inis-Caoin
  • Ernst of Neresheim
  • Fintan of Killerr
  • Francesco da Casale
  • Golindouch
  • Maura of Balagny
  • Silas
  • Siree of Kurdistan
  • Stephen the Hymnographer
List of Saints Whose Feast Day is July 13 - Catholic Saint of the Day
List of Saints Whose Feast Day is July 13 – Catholic Saint of the Day

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