Saint of the Day for June 14

Today is Wednesday, May 31, 2023

This is the Saint of the Day list of Saints and Blesseds whose feast day falls on June 14 every year.

Saint Caomhán of Inisheer

Saint Protus of Aquileia

Blessed Francisca de Paula de Jesus Isabel

Saint Methodius of Constantinople

Elisha the Prophet

Saint Davnet

Saint Valerius of Soissons

Blessed Constance de Castro

Saint Theopista

Saint Rufinus of Soissons

Blessed Fortunatus of Naples

Saint Burchard of Meissen

Saint Felix of Cordoba

Blessed Peter de Bustamante

Saint Anastasius of Cordoba

Saint Anastasius of Cordoba also known as Anastasio was a deacon of the church of Saint Acisclus in Cordoba, Spain. He became a monk at the double monastery of Tábanos. He was a priest. One of the first three martyrs of Cordoba, killed for their faith by order of the Moorish caliph.

Saint Gerold of Evreux

Saint Gerold of Evreux also known as Gerold of Fontenelle was a courtier to Blessed Charlemagne. He left court life to become a monk at the abbey of Fontenelle in Normandy, France. Bishop of Evreux, France in 787. Later in life he resigned his see and returned to life as a monk at Fontenelle. He died in 806 of natural causes.

Saint Castora Gabrielli

Saint Castora Gabrielli was a lay woman married to Santuccio Sanfonerio, a lawyer at Sant’Angelo in Vado, Umbria, Italy. She was a franciscan tertiary who was widowed. She is noted for the sanctity she brought to her every day work. She died in 1391 of natural causes and is the patron of difficult marriages and widows.

Blessed Walter Eustace

Blessed Walter Eustace was born Irish and was a layman of the archdiocese of Dublin, Ireland. He was martyred on 14th June 1583 in Dublin ,Ireland. He was beatified on 27th September 1992 by Pope John Paul II in Rome, Italy. He is celebrated on 20th June as one of the Irish Martyrs.

Saint Digna of Cordoba

Saint Digna of Cordoba also known as Degna was a nun at the double monastery of Tábanos. She was one of the first three martyrs of Cordoba, Spain, killed for their faith by order of the Moorish caliph. She was beheaded in 853 in Cordoba, Spain.

Saint Richard of Saint Vannes

Saint Richard of Saint Vannes also known as Gratia Dei meaning Thanks be to God a nickname based on a phrase he often used. He became a monk at the monastery of Saint Vannes, Verdun, France. He died in 1046 of natural causes.

Saint Dogmael of Wales

Saint Dogmael of Wales also known as Docmael, Dogfael, Dogmeel, Dogwel or Toel born in 5th century was a monk at Dyfed, Wales, in Anglesey, Wales, and in Brittany in northern France. He died in 6th century.

Saint Elgar of Bardsey

Saint Elgar of Bardsey was born in 11th century Devonshire, England and spent several years in captivity in Ireland. He became the Hermit on the Isle of Badsey, Carnarvonshire, Wales. In 1100 he died of natural causes.

Saint Cearan the Devout

Saint Cearan the Devout born Irish also known as Ciaran the Devout was the abbot of Bellach-Duin now Castle Kerrant , County Meath, Ireland. He died in 870 of natural caused.

Saint Etherius of Vienne

Saint Etherius of Vienne also known as Aetherius, Eterio or Ethère was a seventh-century bishop of Vienne, France. He died in 626of natural causes.

Saint Nennus of Arran

Saint Nennus of Arran also known as Nenus, Nehemias or Nem was a seventh-century abbot of monasteries on the Isle of Arran and the Isle of Bute in Ireland.

Blessed Hartwig of Salzburg

Blessed Hartwig of Salzburg was the archbishop of Salzburg, Austria for 32 years from 991 till his death in 1023.

Saint Cyriacus of Zeganea

Saint Cyriacus of Zeganea was a confessor of the faith in Zeganea, Laziqia in modern Syria. No details of his life have survived.

Saint Mark of Lucera

Saint Mark of Lucera was the fourth-century bishop in southern Italy. He died in 328 of natural causes.

Saint Quintian of Rhodez

Saint Quintian of Rhodez also known as Quinctian was the bishop of Rhodez, France.

Saint Cyprien

Saint Cyprien also known as Cipriano was a martyr.

Saint Thecla

Saint Thecla was a martyr.

Other Saints Celebrated Today

  • Our Lady of the Trellis
  • Euspicius of Micy
  • Bartolus Vagnerini
List of Saints Whose Feast Day is June 14 - Catholic Saint of the Day
List of Saints Whose Feast Day is June 14 – Catholic Saint of the Day

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