Saint of the Day for June 25

Today is Friday, February 3, 2023

This is the Saint of the Day list of Saints and Blesseds whose feast day falls on June 25 every year.

Saint William of Vercelli

Blessed Paolo Giustiniani

Blessed Dorothy of Montau

Saint Moloc of Mortlach

Saint Tigre of Maurienne

Saint Domingo Henares de Zafra Cubero

Saint Febronia of Nisibis

Saint Prosper of Reggio

Saint Solomon III of Bretagne

Saint Maximus of Turin

Saint Phanxicô Ðo Van Chieu

Saint Adalbert of Egmond

Saint Eurosia

Blessed John the Spaniard

Saint Cyneburga of Gloucester

Saint Gallicanus of Ostia

Blessed Henry Zdick

Blessed Burchard of Mallersdorf

Blessed Guy Maramaldi

Blessed Fulgentius de Lara

Blessed Fulgentius de Lara was a mercedarian friar. He went on several missions to ransom Christians enslaved by Muslims in Andalusia, Spain. In Morocco, he freed over 200, preaching Christianity all along the way. He died in 1287 of natural causes.

Saint Luceias

Saint Luceias also known as Lucy was one of a group of 3rd century Christian prisoners of war who were sent to Rome, Italy by emperor Probus where they were publicly martyred in 260.

Saint Amand of Coly

Saint Amand of Coly also known as Amandus, Amantius or Amatius was the founder and first abbot of Saint-Amand de Coly monastery, diocese of Limoges, France. He died in the 6th century.

Saint Solomon I

Saint Solomon I was born in Cornwall , England and got married to Saint Gwen father of Saint Cuby. He lived in Brittany in modern France and was murdered by heathens in the 5th century.

Saint Gohard of Nantes

Saint Gohard of Nantes was the bishop of Nantes, France. Martyred with a number of priests and monks by Norwegian Viking invaders as he was celebrating Mass in 843.

Saint Selyf of Cornwall

Saint Selyf of Cornwall also known as Levan, Levin, Selevan, Selyr or Silvanus was a sixth century hermit in Saint Levan, Cornwall, England.

Saint Molonachus of Lismore

Saint Molonachus of Lismore was a seventh century spiritual student of Saint Brendan. He became bishop of Lismore in Argyll, Scotland.

Saint Gallicanus of Embrun

Saint Gallicanus of Embrun was the fifth bishop of Embrun, France. He died in 540.

Other Saints Celebrated Today

  • Sosipater of Corfu
  • Sincheall of Killeigh
  • Our Lady of Grace
  • Celidonius of Besançon
List of Saints Whose Feast Day is June 25 - Catholic Saint of the Day
List of Saints Whose Feast Day is June 25 – Catholic Saint of the Day

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