Saint of the Day for May 1 2024

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Today is Sunday, July 14, 2024

This is the Saint of the Day list of Saints and Blesseds whose feast day is May 1 2024.

👉 Saint Joseph the Worker

Saint Richard Pampuri

Saint Peregrine Laziosi

Saint Sigismund of Burgundy

Saint Brieuc of Brittany

Blessed Vivald of Gimignano

Blessed Mafalda of Portugal

Saint Benedict of Szkalka

Blessed Julian Cesarello de Valle

Saint Aldebrandus of Fossombrone

Saint Andeolus of Smyrna

Saint John-Louis Bonnard

Saint Amator of Auxerre

Saint Marculf

Saint Augustine Schoffler

Blessed Klymentii Sheptytskyi

Saint Ambrose of Ferentino

Saint Theodard of Narbonne

Jeremiah the Prophet

Saint Torquatus of Guadix

Saint Arnold of Hiltensweiler

Saint Bertha of Val d’Or

Saint Isidora of Egypt

Saint Grata of Bergamo

Saint Asaph of Llanelwy

St. Asaph of Llanelwy, also known as Asa of Llanelwy, lived near Tenegal as a hermit and was related to Saints Deiniol of Bangor and Tysilo.

He learned under the tutelage of Saint Kentigern and was said to have owned an ash-tree, a well, and a valley in the area.

Eventually, he became the second bishop of Saint Asaph Diocese, which used to be known as the Welsh Diocese. He passed away from natural causes in the year 550 AD.

Saint Romanus of Baghdad

Born in Galatia in the early 8th century, Saint Romanus lived as a monk in Bythinia. During a business trip, he was captured by the Sacarens and taken to Baghdad, accused of being a spy.

After a ransom was paid by a local Christian, he was released on the condition that he remained in Baghdad to ensure that he did not engage in spying activities again.

He worked with apostate Christians who wished to return to the church and was martyred in the year 780 AD by having his throat cut.

Blessed Juan de Zorroza

Blessed Juan de Zorroza, a Mercedarian friar, was sent by Blessed Antonio Morell to work in Granada, Spain, which was then occupied by the Moors, in order to ransom Christians who had been enslaved by them.

However, he was imprisoned, persecuted, and publicly humiliated in 1482. He became a martyr when he was stoned to death by the Moors as revenge for the Catholic victories in Alhama, Spain, in the same year that he was captured.

Saint Bertha of Kent

Saint Bertha of Kent was born in 539 AD in modern-day France as a princess and the daughter of Charibert and Ingoberga.

She married King Ethelbert of Kent, who was a pagan king and became the first Christian queen of England.

Bertha introduced Christianity to her husband, and they welcomed Saint Augustine of Canterbury to England in 596 AD, supporting his work. Bertha passed away in 612 AD from natural causes.

Blessed Juan de Huete

Blessed Juan de Huete, who was also a Mercedarian friar, was sent by Blessed Antonio Morell to Granada, a Muslim-occupied region, to rescue Christians who were enslaved by the Moors.

While performing this duty in 1482, he was arrested, subjected to torture, and publicly humiliated. He was martyred in Granada that same year, being stoned to death by the Moors in retaliation for Catholic military triumphs in Alhama, Spain.

Saint Gistaldo

Saint Gistaldo, also known as Giseldas, Giselahad, Gisgald or Sigald, was the son of Saint Sigismund of Burgundy.

He, together with his parents, was captured in the year 523 AD and martyred by being drowned in a well in La Beauce d’Orléans, located in modern-day France.

In the same year of his captivity and death, his relics were taken to the abbey of Saint Maurice in Valais, France.

Later in the 12th century, the relics were re-enshrined in a silver urn in the church of the abbey of Saint Maurice.

Saint Gundebado

Saint Gundebado was commonly known as Gundebaldo and he was the son of Saint Sigismund of Burgundy and brother to Saint Gistaldo.

He also died a martyr by being drowned in a well in La Beauce d’Orléans (in Modern France) alongside his family, after he was captured in the year 523 AD.

His relics were also transferred to the abbey of Saint Maurice in Valais, France in the same year of his captivity and death and later re-enshrined in a silver urn in the church of the abbey of Saint Maurice in the 12th century.

Blessed Arigius of Gap

Blessed Arigius, also known as Aray, Aredius, Arey, Arige or Érige, was a bishop of Gap, France for 20 years after his birth in 535 AD.

He was widely known for his support and assistance of his priests. He collaborated with Saint Columbanus of Lexeuil to establish the dates for the observance of Easter.

In 604 AD, he passed away from natural causes, and he was beatified by Pope Saint Pius X on December 9, 1903.

Saint Orentius of Loret

Saint Orentius of Loret, also referred to as Orentius of Huesca or Orenzio of Loret, resided in the vicinity of Huesca, Spain, and was wedded to Saint Patientia of Loret.

According to a traditional Spanish belief, he was the father of Saint Lawrence of Rome. He was recognized as the patron saint against vermin and was often depicted as a farmer in prayer. He met his death as a martyr in 240 AD.

Saint Patientia of Loret

Saint Patientia of Loret, also called Patientia of Huesca, Pazienza of Huesca or Patience of Huesca, lived near Huesca, Spain and was married to Saint Orentius of Loret.

According to an old Spanish tradition, she was considered the mother of Saint Lawrence of Rome. She was known as the Patron Saint against vermin, which refers to animals that were believed to be harmful to crops. She died as a martyr in the year 240 AD.

Saint Orentius of Auch

To rephrase: Saint Orentius of Auch, who was also referred to as Orentius of Auch, lived as a recluse in the Lavendan valley in France.

He was greatly revered for his sanctity and had a strong reputation, leading the people of Auch to request him to become their bishop.

He served as their bishop for over four decades before passing away in the year 439 AD.

Saint Ceallach of Killala

Saint Ceallach of Killala, also known as Kellach of Killala, was born during the 6th century and was trained in spirituality by Saint Kieran of Clonmacnoise.

He later became the Bishop of Killala in Ireland and, upon reaching old age, retired from his position to become a hermit.

Saint Aceolus of Amiens

A sub-deacon, Saint Aceolus of Amiens or Acheul, was in the process of studying for priesthood when he was captured and martyred in the year 303 AD near Amiens, France, during the persecutions led by Emperor Diocletian.

Saint Acius of Amiens

Saint Acius of Amiens, also referred to as Ach or Ache, was a sub-deacon who was studying to become a priest.

He was arrested and martyred near Amiens, France, in the year 303 AD as part of Emperor Diocletian’s persecutions.

Blessed Felim O’Hara

Blessed Felim O’Hara, an Irish Franciscan who lived by begging, was martyred on May 1st, 1582 in Moyne, Cork, Ireland. He was beatified on September 27th, 1992 by Pope John Paul II in Rome, Italy.

Saint Evermarus of Rousson

Saint Evermarus of Rousson also known as Evernarus of Tongres or Evermar of Rousson was a pilgrim and was murdered by robbers in the year 700 AD in Rousson, Belgium.

Saint Thorette

Saint Thorette mostly lived working as a shepherdess and later on in her life chose to live as a hermitess. She was believed to spend most of her time in both states of her life in prayer.

Blessed Petronilla of Moncel

Blessed Petronilla of Moncel resided a Nun in Moncel, France and was the first abbess(superior of nuns) of a poor Clare monastery in Moncel.

Saint Cecilio of Illiberis

Saint Cecilio of Illiberis was an early missionary and bishop of Illiberis in modern Elvira, Granada, Spain.

Saint Eufrasio of Iliturgi

Saint Eufrasio of Iliturgi was an early missionary and bishop of Iliturgi, modern Andújar, Spain.

Saint Tesifonte of Bergium

Saint Tesifonte of Bergium lived as an early missionary and bishop of Bergium, modern Berja, Spain.

Saint Segundo of Ábula

Saint Segundo of Ábula was an early missionary and a bishop of Ábula, modern Abla, Spain.

Saint Indalecio of Urci

Saint Indalecio of Urci was an early missionary and lived as a bishop of Urci, modern Almeria, Spain.

Saint Esicio of Carcer

Saint Esicio of Carcer was an early missionary and a bishop of Carcer, modern Carcesa, Spain.

Saint Cominus of Catania

Saint Cominus of Catania died as a martyr in Catania, Sicily.

Other Saints of the Day for May 1 2024

  • Madonna of Giubino
  • Ipolisto
List of Saints Whose Feast Day is May 1 - Catholic Saint of the Day
List of Saints Whose Feast Day is May 1 2024 – Catholic Saint of the Day

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