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Saint of the Day for May 9

This is the Saint of the Day list of Saints and Blesseds whose feast day falls on May 9 every year.

Saint Pachomius of Tabenna

Saint Beatus of Lungern

Blessed Maria del Carmen Rendiles Martinez

Blessed Karolina Gerhardinger

Blessed Stefan Grelewski

Blessed Alexandru Rusu

Blessed Thomas Pickering

Blessed Benincasa of Montepulciano

Saint Gregory of Ostia

Isaiah the Prophet

Saint Giuse Hiên

Saint Banban the Wise

Blessed Fortis Gabrielli

Blessed Fortis Gabrielli was born in Gubbio, Umbria, Italy,lived as a hermit in the mountains near Scheggia, Italy and at the monastery of Fontavellana and was a spritual student of Blessed Ludolph.

He was also a benedictine monk. He passed away on the 9th of May 1040 AD due to natural causes and was beatified on the 17th of March, 1756 AD by Pope Benedict XIV, confirmed by Cultus.

Saint Gerontius of Cervia

Saint Gerontius of Cervia, also known as Geronzio, lived as a Bishop of Cervia, Italy. His patronage was said to have been in Cagli, Italy.

He passed away as a martyr in the year 501 AD on the Flaminian Way at Cagli, Italy.

Saint Sanctan of Kill-da-Les

Saint Sanctan of Kill-da-Les, also known as, Sanctain, was born in northern Britain and was the son of King Sawyl Penuchel.

He lived as a bishop of Kill-da-Les (Kill-na-Sanctan) in Ireland in the 6th century.

Saint Brynoth of Scara

Saint Brynoth of Scara was born in Sweden and lived as a Bishop of Scara West Gothland, Sweden for 38 years.

He passed away on 6th of February, the year 1317 AD due to natural causes and was pronounced saint in the year 1498 AD.

Saint Beatus of Laon

Saint Beatus of Laon, also known as, Beatus of Vendome was born of Italy and was a cave-living hermit and missionary in the area of Laon, France in the 3rd century.

Saint John of Châlon

Saint John of Châlon lived as a Bishop of Châlon-sur-Saône, France and was consecrated by Saint Patiens of Lyons.

He passed away in the year 475 AD due to natural causes

Saint Vincent of Montes

Saint Vincent of Montes lived as a monk, a spiritual apprentice of Saint Gennadius and was Abbott of San Pedro de Monted Abbey in Spain. He passed away in the year 950 AD.

Saint Gorfor of Llanover

Saint Gorfor of Llanover was born in Welsh and said to have his patronage in Llanover, Gwent, Wales. Records of his life did not survive.

Saint Hermas of Rome

Saint Hermas of Rome lived as a Bishop of Philippi. He was the first century Roman mentioned in Saint Paul’s Epistle to the Romans and was believed to have passed away as a martyr.

Saint Dionysius of Vienne

Saint Dionysius of Vienne, also known as, Denis, was remembered to be a bishop of Vienne, France. He passed away in the year 193 AD.

Martyrs of Persia

The Martyrs of Persia were believed to be a group of 310 Christians murdered together for their faith in Persia. Details of their lives did not survive.

20 Mercedarian Martyrs of Riscala

The 20 Mercedarian Martyrs of Riscala were Mercedarian friars who were murdered by Huguenot heretics for refusing to denounce their faith in the 16th century at the Santa Maria convent at Riscala, France.

List of Saints Whose Feast Day is May 9 - Catholic Saint of the Day
List of Saints Whose Feast Day is May 9 – Catholic Saint of the Day

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