Saint of the Day for November 11 2024

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Today is Friday, June 14, 2024

This is the Saint of the Day list of Saints and Blesseds whose feast day is November 11 2024.

👉 Memorial of Saint Martin of Tours, Bishop

Saint Menas of Egypt

Blessed Kamen Vitchev

Saint John the Almoner

Blessed Luigia Poloni

Saint Bartholomew of Rossano

Saint Theodore the Studite

Blessed Alicja Maria Jadwiga Kotowska

Saint Mercurius the Soldier

Saint Marina of Omura

Saint Turibius of Palencia

St. Turibius of Palencia was born in Palencia, Spain. He was the founder of the St. Martin of Tours monastery in Liébana, Asturias, Spain, and served as its first abbot, a house that became a noted Benedictine stronghold. He died in 528 AD due to natural causes.

Saint Bertuin of Malonne

St. Bertuin of Malonne was born in England and was also known as Bertuinus, Bertwinus, or Berthuin. He was raised in an English monastery. He was a monk at Othelle.

He was a missionary bishop in Belgium. He founded the monastery of Malonne near Namur in Belgium. He died in 698 AD.

Saint Veranus of Vence

St. Veranus of Vence was also known as Veran or Weran. He was the son of Galla, who became a nun in later life, and St. Eucherius of Lyon; brother of St. Salonius of Geneva.

He was educated at Lérins Abbey where he became a monk. He was a bishop of Vence in France. He died in 480 AD.

Saint Mennas of Santomenna

St. Mennas of Santomenna was born in Asia Minor. He was a sixth-century hermit at Santomenna in Abruzzi, Italy. He is the patron of Santomenna, Italy.

Saint Cynfran of Wales

St. Cynfran of Wales was the son of St. Brychan of Brecknock. He was a fifth-century founder of a church in Gwynedd, Wales which has a healing well nearby.

Saint Rhediw

St. Rhediw was also known as Gredfyw, Rhedius, or Rhedyw. A church in Llanllyfni, North Wales is dedicated to this saint but no further information about him is known.

Saint Victorinus of Ravenna

St. Victorinus of Ravenna died as a martyr in 305 AD in Ravenna, Italy.

Saint Valentin of Ravenna

St. Valentin of Ravenna died as a martyr in 305 AD in Ravenna, Italy.

Saint Felicianus of Ravenna

St. Felicianus of Ravenna died as a martyr in 305 AD in Ravenna, Italy.

Saint Veranus of Lyon

St. Veranus of Lyon was a fifth-century bishop of Lyon in France.

Martyrs of Torredembarra

Martyrs of Torredembarra are members of the brothers of the Christian Schools, Discalced Carmelites, and Carmelite Tertiaries of Education who were martyred together in the Spanish Civil War.

They died on November 11 1936 in Torredembarra, Tarragona in Spain. They were beatified on October 13 2013 by Pope Francis and celebrated in Tarragona, Spain.

Their names are;

  • Blessed Pedro de Eriz Eguiluz
  • Blessed Miquel Saludes Ciuret
  • Blessed Mariano Navarro Blasco
  • Blessed Lluís Domingo Oliva
  • Blessed Julio Alameda Camarero
  • Blessed Josep Maria Bru Ralduá
  • Blessed Josep Boschdemont Mitjavila
  • Blessed José Alberich Lluch
  • Blessed Joan Roca Vilardell
  • Blessed Isidre Tarsá Giribets
  • Blessed Frederíc Vila Bartolì
  • Blessed Felipe Arce Fernández
  • Blessed Damián Rodríguez Pablo
  • Blessed Bonaventura Toldrà Rodon

Catholic Saint Feast Days in November

Catholic Saint of the Day

List of Saints Whose Feast Day is November 11 - Catholic Saint of the Day
List of Saints Whose Feast Day is November 11 2024 – Catholic Saint of the Day

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