Saint of the Day for September 1

Today is Wednesday, May 31, 2023

This is the Saint of the Day list of Saints and Blesseds whose feast day falls on September 1 every year.

Saint Giles

Blessed Giuliana of Collalto

Blessed Douceline of Digne

Saint Lupus of Sens

Exiles of Campania

Saint Nivard of Reims

Blessed Giovanna Soderini

Saint Terentianus of Todi

Saint Firminus the Younger

Blessed Colomba of Mount Brancastello

Saint Firminus the Younger

Joshua the Patriarch

Abdon the Judge

Ibzan the Judge

Blessed Giustino of Paris

Saint Regulus

Saint Victorious of Le Mans

Saint Verena of Zurich

Saint Constantius of Aquino

Our Lady of Montevergine

Saint Sulien of Amorica

Saint Sinicius of Reims

Saint Aegidius of Sansepolcro

Saint Arcanus of Sansepolcro

Saint Sixtus of Reims

St Sixtus of Reims was also known as Sixte or Xystus. He was the first bishop of Reims, France, serving from 270 AD to 280 AD and worked with Saint Sinicius of Reims. In 280 AD he died of natural causes.

Abigail the Matriarch

Abigail was a Jewish laywoman and Old Testament matriarch. She was born in 1000 BC and was the wife of King David. She is one of the seven women considered as prophets by the Talmudic scholars. She died in 950 BC and her story is related in the Bible in the book of 1st Samuel.

Saint Priscus of Capua

St Priscus of Capua was also known as Prisco. He was the first bishop of Capua, Italy. He was assigned this role by Saint Peter the Apostle. In 66 AD he was martyred in the persecutions of Nero.

Blessed Simone Ponce

Blessed Simone Ponce was a Mercedarian friar born in Spain. He was assigned to the Andalusia region of modern Spain. While in his mission, he suffered abuse from the Moors, but still managed to free 137 Christians enslaved by Muslims. In 1359 AD, he died of natural causes

Saint Ambrosinian of Armenia

St Ambrosinian of Armenia was also known as Ambrosinien or Ambrosinia. He was a Bishop from southern Armenia who came to France at an unknown time. The parents of Saint Bernard of Clairvaux highly respected him and consequently dedicated a chapel to him.

After his death, his relics were enshrined in the cathedral of Langres, France.

Blessed Luigi Conciso

Blessed Luigi Conciso was a Mercedarian friar and a doctor of theology. He wrote a number of books about the Mercedarians.

He was assigned to Algiers in North Africa where he freed 88 Christians who had been enslaved by Muslims. He died in 1372 AD.

Saint Vincent of Xaintes

Saint Vincent of Xaintes was also known as Vincent of Dax or Vincent of Aquae Augustae. He was born in Toledo, Spain.

He was the first bishop of Dax, France and worked with Saint Laetus of Dax. He died as a martyr in the 5th century and is the patron saint of Dax, France.

Saint Arealdo of Brescia

St Arealdo was killed by invading Lombards and died as a martyr together with his sons Carillo and Oderico in 576 AD in Brescia, Italy.

After his death his relics were enshrined in the cathedral in Brescia in 1305 AD but were later transferred to the cathedral crypt on June 8 1614. 

Blessed Giles of Castaneda

Blessed Giles of Castaneda was a Spanish Benedictine Cistercian monk. He was the Abbot of the monastery of San Martín de Castaneda, diocese of Astorga, Spain.

He retired, during his old age from community life and lived as a prayerful hermit. In 1203 AD, he died of natural causes.

Saint Anea of Como

St Anea of Como died in Rome, Italy as a child martyr. His remains were interred in the catacombs of Rome but later transferred to the church of San Croce in Como, Italy in 1700 AD.

Saint Laetus of Dax

St Laetus of Dax was a deacon in the diocese of Dax, France and worked with Saint Vincent of Xaintes. He died in the 5th century AD.

Saint Agia

St Agia was also known as Aia or Aye. She was married and was the mother of Saint Lupus of Sens. She later became a widow and died in the 6th century AD.

Saint Lythan

St Lythan was also known as Llythaothaw. In Wales, the are two churches dedicated to him.

Twelve Holy Brothers

The Twelve Holy Brothers are Also known as Martyrs of the South. They are a group of martyrs who in 303 AD died at various places in southern Italy.

Their relics were brought together and enshrined in Benevento, Italy as a group in 760 AD.

One tradition describes Saint Boniface of Hadrumetum and Saint Thecla of Hadrumetum as their parents.

Their names are;

  • Saint Vitalis of Velleianum
  • Saint Septiminus of Venosa
  • Saint Sator of Velleianum
  • Saint Sabinian of Potenza
  • Saint Repositus of Velleianum
  • Saint Januarius of Venosa
  • Saint Honoratus of Potenza
  • Saint Fortunatus of Potenza
  • Saint Felix of Venosa
  • Saint Felix of Sentianum
  • Saint Donatus of Sentianum
  • Saint Arontius of Potenza

Martyrs of the Spanish Civil War

These are the names of some of the thousands of people were murdered from 1934 to 1939, during the anti-Catholic persecutions of the Spanish Civil War. 

Their names are;

  • Blessed Tomás Galipienzo Perlada
  • Blessed Simó Isidre Joaquím Brun Ararà
  • Blessed Pio Ruiz De La Torre
  • Blessed Pedro Rivera y Rivera
  • Blessed Pedro Meca Moreno
  • Blessed Nicolás Aramendía García
  • Blessed Miquel Roca Huguet
  • Blessed Maximiano Fierro Pérez
  • Blessed Mariano Niño Pérez
  • Blessed Manuel Mateo Calvo
  • Blessed Julian Villanueva Alza
  • Blessed Juan José Egea Rodríguez
  • Blessed Josep Samsó y Elias
  • Blessed José Prats Sanjuán
  • Blessed José Franco Gómez
  • Blessed Joaquín Ruiz Cascales
  • Blessed Joaquim Pallerola Feu
  • Blessed Isidro Gil Arano
  • Blessed Guillermo Rubio Alonso
  • Blessed Francesc Trullen Gilisbarts
  • Blessed Enrique López y López
  • Blessed Crescencio Lasheras Aizcorbe
  • Blessed Carmen Moreno Benítez
  • Blessed Antonio Villanueva Igual
  • Blessed Antonio Lorca Muñoz
  • Blessed Andrés Iniesta Egea
  • Blessed Amparo Carbonell Muñoz
  • Blessed Alfonso Sebastiá Viñals
  • Blessed Alejandro Cobos Celada
  • Blessed Agustín Navarro Iniesta
Saints Whose Feast Day is September 1 - Catholic Saint of the Day
Saints Whose Feast Day is September 1 – Catholic Saint of the Day

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