Saint of the Day for September 5

Today is Tuesday, March 21, 2023

This is the Saint of the Day list of Saints and Blesseds whose feast day falls on September 5 every year.

馃憠 Saint Mother Teresa of Calcutta

Saint Bertin the Great

Blessed Maria Velotti

Saint Albert of Butrio

Blessed Florent Dumontet de Cardaillac

Saint Giuse Ho脿ng Luong Canh

Blessed William Browne

Blessed Gerbrand of Dokkum

Blessed Gentilis of Toringa

Saint Ph锚r么 Nguyen Van Tu

Saint Anseric of Soissons

Blessed John the Good of Siponto

Blessed Jordan of Pulsano

Blessed Jordan was a Benedictine monk at Pulsano, Italy. He was a spiritual student of Saint John of Pulsano. He became an Abbot-general of Pulsano from 1139 AD to 1152 AD and died of natural causes in 1152 AD.

Saint Romulus of Rome

St Romulus of Rome was a member of the imperial Roman court of Emperor Trajan.

In 112 AD, he was immediately arrested, executed and died as a martyr in Rome, Italy after speaking out against the persecution of Christians.

Saint Alvitus of Le贸n

St Alvitus of Le贸n is related to Saint Rudesind. He was a Benedictine monk at Sahagun, Spain and Bishop of Le贸n, Spain in 1057 AD.

He transferred the relics of Saint Isidore from Seville, Spain to Le贸n and died in 1063 AD.

Saint Genebald of Laon

St Genebald of Laon was a relative of Saint Remigius of Rheims. He was the Bishop of Laon, France. He sentenced himself to seven years of continuous penance because of some unnamed fault he had committed. He died of natural causes in 555 AD.

Saint Victorinus of Amiterme

St Victorinus of Amiterme was a sixth-century bishop of Amiterme, Italy. He was hanged upside down and lasted three days, and died as a martyr near Rome, Italy.

Blessed Anselm of Anchin

Blessed Anselm of Anchin was a monk and an Abbot of the monastery of Anchin. He died of natural causes in 1088 AD and miraculous healings have been reported at his tomb.

Saint Victorinus of Como

St Victorinus was the Bishop of Como, Italy who fought Arianism. He died of natural causes in 644 AD.

Saint Obdulia

St Obdulia was a nun. Her relics are venerated at Toledo, Spain.

Saint Charbel

Saint Charbel was martyred in 107 AD during the persecutions of Trajan.

Martyrs of Armenia

The Martyrs of Armenia are a group of up to 1,000 Christian soldiers in the 2nd century imperial Roman army of Trajan, stationed in Gaul.

They were ordered to sacrifice to pagan gods but they refused and were transferred to Armenia. They were ordered again to sacrifice to pagan gods but they adamantly refused again. They died as martyrs.

Three of their names are;

  • Eudoxius
  • Macarius
  • Zeno

Martyrs of Capua

The Martyrs of Capua are three Christians who were martyred together in Capua, Italy. They have been venerated in Capua, Italy for a long time. 

Their names are;

  • Arcontius
  • Donatus
  • Quintius

Martyrs of Nicomedia

The Martyrs of Nicomedia are a group of 80 clergymen, Christians and lay who were martyred together in the persecutions of Valens.

In 370 AD, on the shore of Nicomedia, Bithynia in modern-day Turkey, they were locked on a boat which was then set on fire

Three of their names are;

  • Menedemo
  • Teodoro
  • Urbano

Martyrs of Porto Romano

The Martyrs of Porto Romano are a group of Christians martyred together in 180 AD at Porto Romano, Italy during the persecutions of Marcus Aurelius.

Some of their names are;

  • Aconto
  • Herculanus
  • Nonno
  • Taurino

Other Saints Celebrated Today

  • Deceased Friends and Benefactors of the Dominicans
  • Marchese of Altessano
Saints Whose Feast Day is September 5 - Catholic Saint of the Day
Saints Whose Feast Day is September 5 – Catholic Saint of the Day

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