St Brieuc (Brioc) of Brittany – Feast Day – May 1

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Today is Sunday, April 14, 2024

St Brioc (Brieuc) was a holy man who became the first abbot of Saint-Brieuc in Brittany. He was born in Ceredigion, Wales, and died in 502 AD in Brittany. We celebrate his feast day on May 1 every year in the Catholic Church.

St Brieuc (Brioc) of Brittany Biography

St Brieuc (Brioc) of Brittany - Feast Day - May 1

Date of Birth 5th-century
Place of Birth Ceredigion, Wales
Profession Monk and Abbot
Place of Work Wale
Date of Death 502 AD
Place of Death St Brieuc-des-Vaux, Brittany, France
Feast Day May 1
Canonization Pre-Congregation

St Brieuc of Brittany Life History

Saint Brieuc of Brittany was born and raised a pagan in a family of the Welsh nobility but converted to Christianity as a young adult.

He was educated in France by Saint Germanus of Auxerre and became a priest. He returned to the British Isles as an evangelist, preaching in the Cardigan area. He founded two abbeys in Brittany.

Later, he was the bishop in Upper Brittany. He was Venerated in Cornwall and many churches in England and Scotland are dedicated to him.


He died in 502 AD at Saint-Brieuc-des-Vaux, France of natural causes. His remains were moved to several other places but were finally returned here where they are still preserved.

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