St Julia of Corsica – Feast Day – May 23

Today is Saturday, January 28, 2023

St Julia of Corsica, also known as St Julia of Carthage or Saint Julia of Nonza, was a very pious Christian lady born in Carthage, North Africa. She was sold as a slave and martyred for her faith in Corsica, France. We celebrate her feast day on May 23 every year in the Catholic Church.

St Julia of Corsica Biography
Place of Birth Carthage, North Africa
Profession Slave
Place of Death Cape Corso, Corsica, France
Feast Day May 23
Canonization Pre-Congregation
Patron Saint of
  • Corsica, France
  • Livorno, Italy
  • Torture victims
  • Pathologies of the hands and the feet

St Julia of Corsica Life History

St Julia of Corsica was captured by invading Vandals and sold a slave to a pagan merchant from Syria named Eusebius.

As Eusebius went on a business trip with Julia, the ship docked at Cape Corso, Corsica, and found a pagan festival in progress.

He ordered Julia to jointhe festival but she refused. Eusebius did not mind because he knew and respected her piety.

However, the pagan governor of Cape Corso, Corsica named Felix saw Julia outside of the festival and termed that as disrespect to the gods.

When he asked Eusebius why she was not participating, Eusebius told him she was his slave but a very pious Christian. Felix would hear none of this and offered four of his slaves in exchange of Julia but Eusebius refused because she was a very diligent and hardworking slave.

That night, Felix made sure that Eusebius made merry and was totally inebriated with alcohol and approached Julia who was not guarded.

He demanded that Julia sacrifices to the gods in exchange to her freedom but she refused to deny Jesus Christ.

She was severely tortured and her hair was torn from her head. Ultimately, she was hanged on a cross until she died.

Her relics were taken to the Benedictine abbey at Brescia, Italy, a place that became a great pilgrimage site in the middle ages.

St Julia of Corsica is the patron saint of

  • France
  • Livorno, Italy
  • Torture victims
  • Pathologies of the hands and the feet

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