St Philomena Prayer and Novena

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Today is Saturday, July 13, 2024

Welcome to the St. Philomena Prayer and Novena, a heartfelt and dedicated spiritual practice centered around Saint Philomena, a beloved Catholic saint.

Philomena is venerated for her powerful intercession and miraculous interventions in the lives of those who seek her help.

This prayer and novena provide a sacred space for believers to express their intentions, seek guidance, and invoke the blessings of Saint Philomena.

Joining together in faith, individuals embark on a nine-day journey of devotion, reflecting on the virtues and life of this cherished saint.

As we unite in prayer, may the intercession of St. Philomena bring comfort, hope, and divine intervention to all those who turn to her with faith and trust in their hearts.

Prayer and Novena to St. Philomena

St Philomena Prayer and Novena
St Philomena Prayer and Novena

Dear Lord, we ask for Your forgiveness through the help of St. Philomena, a holy and virtuous virgin and martyr who lived a life pleasing to You by maintaining her purity and practicing every virtue. Amen.

Dear St. Philomena, I come before you with respect and humility, acknowledging the special place the Holy Trinity has given you. With confidence in your protection, I ask for your intercession with God. Please, from your place in heaven, look upon me, your humble follower.

As the spouse of Christ, I seek your support in times of suffering, strength during temptations, and protection in the dangers that surround me. I also request the graces I need, specifically [mention your specific request here]. Most importantly, be with me in the moment of my death.

St. Philomena, who holds power with God, please pray for us. Amen.

👉 O God, Most Holy Trinity, we thank You for the graces That You bestowed upon the Blessed Virgin Mary, and upon Your handmaid Philomena, through whose intercession we implore Your Mercy. Amen.

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